Obsolete: Forum will be read-only from March onwards


Me too.

Me too too! Is it completely impossible to keep it going? How much time and effort is involved?


It isn’t a question of cash. The hosting server will be ceasing to run this server engine, requiring us to migrate one way or another. We can migrate to a new host that runs the same server engine; or to a new host with a different engine; or to a new engine on this host.

The landlord we’re renting from has decided to knock down the house, so we have to move to a new house, whether owned by this landlord or by another one. Since lots can go wrong with the move, we’re conservatively treating the situation as terminal just to be safe; but Alex et al are running experiments to migrate the forum, in part or in whole, to another engine.

The cash offer is certainly appreciated, of course! :smiley: But, it hasn’t really been a problem. Various people have funded the forum over the years, myself included as the fallback position (since I have a good job and no family to support, so I can afford to pay the whole yearly fee if necessary. I just treat it as part of my tithe.)


Hi, Jason. For my benefit and others here. When you use the term “engine”, are you referring to PHPBB? And not a server configuration, like LAMP (i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)? And a new engine, would be something like MYBB? Is this a correct understanding?


I respect your decision but feel that I must say that Facebook groups are a LOUSY alternative to message boards. the organization is awful and people ask the same questions very often because no visible threads.


From what I understand, that’s correct. We’re either migrating to a new host that uses PHPBB, or to a new forum code either on this host or elsewhere – although I think the team has been looking more at getting off the PHPBB engine for some reason.

(Forum networking isn’t my specialty at all, so I’m not much help on this side of the project, and I could be using terms wrongly, too. But I’m trying to describe it in a way that makes sense to me. :wink: )


I respect your decision but feel that I must say that Facebook groups are a LOUSY alternative to message boards. the organization is awful and people ask the same questions very often because no visible threads.

Right i have not seen individual threads/topics on FB. Plus FB just moves things on their own according to their algorithm?


Hey y’all! It’s been a long time since posted a reply. I’m sad to see this forum go. I would agree that Facebook is more accessible though. Thank you to all who have been managing this and providing insight!
I actually am wondering: Ilaria Ramelli said that she had an abridged version of her 900 page tome on the way, is that accessible to the public yet? Or canceled? Or have some kind of status on it? Does anyone know?

Thank you all and blessings,



Last I heard, the micro-tome is still being worked on; possibly delayed because she’s working on two auxiliary tomes (one on early non-Christian notions of apokatastasis, and one on Christian apokatastasis after Eriugena into and through the Middle-Ages, into the early modern period.)


I like the CD idea with info from the entire site. Or of the comments from individuals, e.g. Jason Pratt’s posts.

Is the plan to move everything to another site/server for reading only, but have future discussions on FB?


For those who don’t expect they’d participate in a FB (FaceBook) type of discussion format, perhaps the following two forums would be of interest:



Christian Universalists have been posting there for years, including some members of this site. I’ve seen them in these topics:

“Controversial Christian Theology
Nicene and Non-Nicene Christians only
(eg. full preterism, universalism).”

christianforums.com/forums/ … ology.130/


Another forum is at Tentmaker, though i don’t know if they’re accepting new members at this time.

These are all excellent options to find Christians (& others) who will attack you for what you believe ;


Update! –

…well, the update is that there is no update yet. I’m as surprised and pleased as anyone that the forum hasn’t gone to read-only yet. Alex, with some others, is still working on porting the forum, but it hasn’t happened yet (due to them being busy on real-life things). So I’m glad the forum is still going here meanwhile! (Also, new membership hasn’t technically shut down either; I’ve ported one or two through the spamcatcher myself since then. And bounced a few spammers. :wink: )

I suppose I’ll have come up with some reasonable update text for the main index page news window. :unamused: But I didn’t want members and guests to be completely in the dark about why the forum has neither frozen nor migrated yet.

Back to the usual usuals! :mrgreen:


Jason, I hardly ever see you on here. What’s new with you?


Well, I did a new TEUS episode a few weeks (…wait, months?) ago! – although I don’t think Erik or whoever is in charge of putting it up, has put it up very clearly yet. (It wasn’t in the show list last time I checked either.)

Mostly I’ve stayed away from tough topics for a while due to stress at work.


Sorry to hear work has been stressful. If you ever need to vent feel free to PM me. Speaking of PMs, we were having a great STTH conversation which left off with you saying you’d get back to the rest of my questions later. I hope you still plan on continuing the STTH convo. I was learning a lot!


Oh, whoops! – sorry, my absent-mindness dropped that. I’ll look back into it. :blush:


Yeah, in addition to my questions before, I have some new thoughts on an argument made by Hasker and JB Pratt.


I dl’d JBPratt’s book (no relation :wink: ), but haven’t read it yet.


Hope to hear from you soon Jason! I still have the PM with those questions in case you deleted it.

Enjoy your weekend.


Last year i found large portions of the 900 page version available for free online. Have previously posted links re that.

Today i found the entire 900 page book available for free online reading, downloading & printing out via the online library system.

I guess that’s all i’m going to say about that publicly. Maybe i’ve said too much already ;

Seek & ye shall find.


Sought, did not find…PM?