Philippians 2:9-11 "A Universalist Case"


This attachment outlines arguments for a universalist interpretation of “every knee will bow” in Phil. 2:9-11, offered in the course of my Sunday School class on Philippians.
Philippians 2.doc (29.5 KB)


A great message Bob. Thank you.
Can I take it that you are allowed to teach universalism in your Sunday School?


Pilgrim, I’m in the class and he does not outright teach universalism. We go through verse by verse, right now in Hosea, and he gives various views/ways of interpreting it. Hard to miss which he’s persuaded of. He doesn’t outright call it universalism, however, since this would only confuse people and their misconceptions about what it is. He lays the groundwork, but it’s really the bible that does that for him. :wink:

Gene and I sure enjoy Sunday School with him! It’s always so encouraging. We get so much out of it. We wish all of you could join in our class! Boy, wouldn’t that be something! They wouldn’t know what to do with us. :laughing:


I wish I could.
It’s great that you’ve got this opportunity to share. May God continue to bless your ministry.