Possible UR Book Titles....Serious But Humorous Suggestions


How about "The Immortality of Worms: The Danger of Overliteralizing Biblical Metaphors?

Any other suggestions? :smiley:


How about…

“Hell Hath no Fury…”

“SuperCarelessFragileLinguistsEspouseHellAtrocious” - ‘why thank you Mary Poppins’


Oh gosh…they are both great!!!



:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Jeff’s second suggestion is why I wish we had the smiley collection from over at wargamer.com. {bowing}{murmuring!}


A bit long, but nonetheless funny. :laughing:


I have waaaay too much time on my hands :blush:


Ooh! Pot kettle black calling :smiley:


How about…

“Eternal Damnation: One Hell of a Lie!”


Nice one Kav

That made me think of:

“Eternal? Hell No!”


Back when I was first putting together my thoughts on universalism (per se), I wrote (and in a way published) a book I called The Infernal Grace.

Not very humorous, perhaps. But certainly provocative. :wink:


And is it still possible to (in a way) read it?


It was published on Themestream (the title of which was cutely formatted to look like a double-meaning of “The Me Stream”). But that business went out of business many years ago, so it isn’t publicly available anymore.

I don’t consider it anywhere near my best work. Stylistically, it’s a near total mess. I would want to revise it heavily before it sees public light of day again.

But most of the book was an imaginary dialogue between a non-universalist and a universalist Christian, which kicks off by means of considering the question: if we are strictly warned that we shall not be forgiven our sins unless we forgive those who sin against us, then what about forgiving Satan? I wrote it not long after finishing the first draft of my systematic progressing metaphysic (the third main draft of which is going through our forum right now as the Bite-Sized Metaphysics series), which was when I realized I ought to formally be a universalist.

(Well, about half the book was this dialogue plus an introductory chapter to set up the dialogue; the other half was a more in-depth commentary on each of the chapters to explain the debated ideas more directly, plus explaining why I had the two characters doing various things at different times. The whole thing runs about 49Kwords.)


Speaking of dialogues; how far have you made it through Elhanan Winchester’s Dialogues on the Universal Restoration?


Heck, I haven’t even really started reading that Jeremiah White book I restored last year yet!! :frowning: :frowning: :cry:

{staring at the ‘work’ work piled on my desk this morning, too, whilst I type…}


‘Things to do with your Resurrected Knees’

‘Reconcile This!’

‘Attorneys in Heaven? …and other stumbling blocks to Universalism’

‘It’s a Wonderful Life - Part Two’

‘All Dogs go to Heaven - waking up with Rusty again - Canine Universalism explained’