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Pre-marital sex


inkaboutit4ucom Reply**

Nothing wrong with pre-martial Sex.

Pre-marital Sex is NOT fornication or sexually immoral.

Paul Defines fornication in the Bible as joining in with the pagan worship of a pagan fertility god per Paul Bible definition per 1 Cor 10:8 compare to Nu 25: 1-9 Nu 31

God is very pro-sex. God made sex and human sexuality and said it is excellent. Gen 1:31


So, two posts by you - one on the wonderfulness of fornication, and now this.
We’ve been over this a hundred times, and each time, this juvenile view has been shown to be just that.
Time to grow up and just let it go, eh? I’ll let the mods decide, though…I’m a well-known party-pooper plus I’m ancient.


Well, Dave. It looks like he posted in 2011. I’m more concerned about premarital sex, between a human and a zombie.


RKOZ - I think he/she posted yesterday. 2011 was the date the thread originated.

And as for your concern - I might actually share that concern. I don’t know much about the Z’s, though. Are Z girls easy?