Presbyterian universalism?


I’m pretty unfamiliar with Presbyterianism. I’ve read that universalism is finding its way into Presbyterian churches. Anyone with knowledge on this? I’d be glad to attend a Presbyterian church if I knew they weren’t hostile to universalism.


Well, Presbyterians are (or have been historically) usually ‘Calvinists’ and the middle belief in the Calvinist ‘TULIP’ is ‘LIMITED ATONEMENT’

You take it from there. :smile:


Universalism would be a tough sell, for sure. Definitely, you might think twice before going the ORTHODOX Presbyterian Church route - they are deeply ‘reformed’, Westministerly creedal, and have no truck with outside opinions. I say that from experience and from talking with ministers of that church. The church folk and the ministers were really fine folks, of course, and we fellow-shipped with them for a time.
The non-‘Orthodox’ Presbyterians are going through many upheavals currently; they still point to their Book of Confessions as their standard, but most of them are unacquainted with it and would be shocked by what they read. Currently, the LGBTQ etc etc question as to suitability to be a minister of a Presbyterian church is soaking up a lot of time and energy; but they would go that route before going all Universalist.


See Calvinism leads to universalism… and The Calvinist Universalist: Is Evil a Distortion of Truth? or Truth Itself?


I was a PCA Presbyterian for 12 years. I am joining First Universalist in Providence RI (one of the last Trinitarian Universalist churches in the UUA) this Pentecost. I have no ability to engage in “cognitive dissonance” or “willing suspension of disbelief” anymore. Some people do, and that’s fine, but I’m done with churches that preach a partial gospel.


Thanks for the replies. I think the next church service I attend will be at an Episcopalian church I’ve never been to. I read that an Article against universalism was considered for the Common Book of Prayer but was struck down!


I"m wondering how that church change has been working out with you?

Ah - I see you just posted something a few minutes ago. I’ll read that, thanks.