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Professor Ilaria Ramelli & her Apokatastasis project

Thought you’d be happy 'bout that Jason, (though June would have been even better). You know we’re all relying on your review/summary of the book, since you’re the only one (I believe) who has said they’d put down the $300+ plus to purchase it. Doubt they’ll be carrying it at my local library, unfortunately.



(Having gushingly reminded myself of when the book is coming out, I’m still going to be looking for retailers selling the book, as the $346 must be publisher list price. I might be able to pick it up for 25% off or something like that. That’s like at least three pizzas worth of difference. … … Math isn’t my strong suit. :stuck_out_tongue: )

My family have all chipped in to raise money so I can buy it for my birthday present :sunglasses:

Expensive pizzas – or maybe pizza is cheaper out west. LOL

Well, I won’t be buying it anytime soon, so I’ll look forward to your report, Jason.


on a connected, but slightly off-topic note, who’s got the Terms for Eternity spin-off work? Any reviews?

Just read Professor Ilaria’s well-researched and documented paper!
All I can say is [size=150]WOW![/size]

There’s a spin-off??

Sorry, I meant terms for eternity as a spin- off from Ramelli’s giant volume … I’m prob mistaken, but I think I heard somewhere that terms for eternity was started in connection with that work and then became its own thing …

Just pre-ordered The Christian Doctrine of Apokatastasis: A Critical Assessment from the New Testament to Eriugena from Amazon for US$326.52 :astonished: (by far the most expensive book I’ve ever bought, only possible because my extended family chipped in for it as my 33rd birthday present)!

Happy birthday! Great present … :slight_smile:


Hey, can I borrow it, or will you hire it out?


Sure :slight_smile:


I was so worried I’d missed your birthday, Alex. I hope not. I went looking for it on fb, didn’t find it, but did find something interesting you wrote that I wrote you on. :slight_smile: Happy Birthday, whenever it comes. And, that’s a really nice gift! How nice for your family to do that. Did the ones that disagree with you, that probably wish you’d never read a book like this because they’ll never hear the end of it, even chip in? If so, that is really swell of them!

It might have been more like, “Well, thank God, maybe if he spends time studying this ‘Apokatastasis’ thing and some church history, he’ll have less time to spend on those other heretical pursuits.” :mrgreen:

Good on you - I wonder who will get it first - I ordered before you but yours has less distance to travel…

I was a couple of weeks ago but thanks for your birthday well-wishes. Yes, even the ones who aren’t EUs chipped in, which was particularly kind of them!


The Brill website now lists Ramelli’s book’s planned publication date as August 2013. Sorry Jason and Alex. :cry:

As long as Amazon doesn’t cancel it. :unamused: (B&N or whoever I originally ordered it from had to cancel the order due to the original delay.)

I contacted Ilaria Ramelli a few months ago to ask her to read and comment on my manuscript – which definitely makes the case for universal restoration. She just sent me the following encouraging note:
“Dear George,
I have read your book and liked it very much. Thank you for this.
Your terminological analysis (of Hades, Gehenna, Tartarus, Sheol, Aionios, and Kolasis) is quite sound. The historical survey is also correct (for the Patristic side you might be interested in my monograph The Christian Doctrine of Apokatastasis, Brill 2013). And you are absolutely right that the most ancient Creeds do not mention hell, let alone its eternity. They focus on the Good News!”