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qaz's review of DBH's "The Experience of God"


I found this book a big disappointment. Rather than responding to atheists’ arguments, David Bentley Hart (DBH) snipes atheism from the sidelines. At least DBH was somewhat upfront that he wouldn’t be doing any heavy lifting; on the second page, he discloses: “I am not even centrally concerned with traditional “proofs” of the reality of God, except insofar as they help to explain how the word “God” functions in the intellectual traditions of the developed religions.” So what we have is a 300 page polemic in which the author demonstrates a tremendous mastery of the English language, poetically calling atheism dumb, and lobbing theistic conclusions at the reader without establishing them. If you are interested in natural theology, save your money and spend it on work by theist philosophers who accurately represent atheist positions and then carefully respond to them. Even if they don’t hit a home run, at least they stepped up to the plate and weren’t afraid to swing the bat. Which is a lot more than I can say for DBH in this book.


Maybe, if you haven’t done so already, you should put this up on the Amazon customer view page :question: :question:


I did. :slight_smile: Gave it 2 stars.