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Ransom Theory of Atonement

A description of the Ransom Theory of Atonement that was dominant for Christianity’s first millenium:

Does it require belief in Satan as a literal being?

I expect that in the early Christian mindset, they believed in Satan as a literal being. However, there are variations of this atonement theory such as the last two I mentioned (“Christ defeating Satan by the latter losing his power through his inability to tempt Jesus or by the former conquering sin through His sinlessness breaking Satan’s hold over mankind”) where Satan could be thought of as the principalities and powers of this world.

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Satan spoke to Jesus and entered into Judas according to the gospels. Satan as a real entity seems pretty integral.

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Big debate… MC, I tend to agree. Mark, you are taking a very literal stance here. Just think it through… If Satan was (or is) real, much of the universal reconciliation understanding would be in question, unless you believe like Don that everyone will be slapped around by God until they see things His way.

If whatever satan was brought death, through sin, I tend to believe that Christ brought life and death (satan) is extinguished.

Just my thought.

“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”
“The unclean spirit said unto Jesus, Son of God have you come to torment us before our time”.
Was the Gospel author lying or telling fairy tales or creating metaphors when they recorded these words?
Honestly the literal identity of Satan as a person is one of the most undeniable doctrines of the scriptures. At what point do we stop disassembling everything we don’t prefer?

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At what point do we realize that the writers thousands of years ago do not talk and think like we do. It is a crazy notion to think that the biblical verbiage was written from a mindset like we have in 2019. How crazy is the notion that because we analyze the writings (just like we analyze everything else in our life) we are somehow heretics, position scripture to fit our fancy. I could say that those who take a fundamental view are simply parroting all the crap they learned from endless bible classes (indoctrination sessions). It is tit for tat.

Here’s an alternative perspective.

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Thanks for the link. That’s a long series - will take some time to digest!