Rehabilitation, retribution, the death penalty, & justice


I’ve written a distillation of my thoughts on the interplay of retribution, rehabilitation, & justice, which influences what I believe will ultimately happen to everyone:


How can you act like the death penalty is bad if God executed it in the OT?


Do you mean that it is RECORDED in the OT that God executed it? Did He really command the death penalty? Or was that the ancient Israelite’s understanding?

Jesus said that God was KIND to both ungrateful and evil people (Luke 6:35). How come Jesus didn’t ever suggest the death penalty? He was Another exactly like the Father—“the exact imprint of God’s essence” (Heb 1:3). Rather than condemn the woman taken in adultery as the Pharisees wanted to do, He said He did not condemn her. He just told her to go and sin no more (John 8:11).


Can you give me an example in the OT that is commonly seen as God commanding the death penalty but is not?


If a man molests an 11 month baby and murders it in the process, is that not worthy of the death penalty?



As a Christian, I was opposed to the death penalty. As an Agnostic, I say “good riddance” of people who clearly have no right to their life after they destroy another’s. Even now, if I were to become a Christian again, I’d still say good riddance. In fact, I see no redeeming value in mercy when it comes to the death penalty. You had your chance! If you repented, God will know it. That said, I do oppose torture, but not a swift execution. I think people who oppose the death penalty are soft. Many soft people are able to live the way they are because hard people are taking care of business for them.

Additionally, look at this a different way. What is more humane, taking the life of someone, or keeping them locked in a CAGE for the rest of their life? I think the latter is torture, while the former is punishment and freedom from a life wasted. You can reform your ways in the next life! Well, that is what I say.