scars in heaven?


In Pitre’s book, which I made a thread about a few days ago, Pitre says Jesus will have the holes in his hands (really wrists) forever, based on the resurrected Christ having them. So if someone died by gunshot wound, he will have a big hole in his head or chest in heaven? Doesn’t sound ideal to me.


Jesus was a unique case. The nail prints in his hands testified to those who had seen the risen Anointed One (Christ) that it was truly He, their Lord, and that He had been raised from death. No one else who has ever died, died in order to save humanity from their sinful natures. Yet, the resurrected Christ was not a mere physical body, since after his resurrection He once entered a house in which the doors were closed. (I remember reading this but now I cannot find it. Does anyone know where the record of it is found?)

It is my belief that every one whom Jesus will raise at the last day (John 6:39,40,44,54) will be raised completely well—not with cancer or a ruptured appendix, not with an arm or a leg missing, or headless (if he were beheaded), not as a blind, tottering old person of 95 years, but as a young, robust, healthy person of about 30 years old, the approximate age at which Jesus died.


Oh, come now. Where is the dividing line?

A person gets blown up by a grenade. Should the separate pieces be walking around?
If a person is burned in a fire, then does the skeleton walk around in heaven?

And what purpose would the wounds of Christ - serve now? Yes, there is the Stigmata. That certain Catholic saints exhibit. Which reminds us what Christ has done.

Or the doubting Biblical Thomas - which needed some proof.

But at the end of time, what purpose would they serve?

And all people, who claim to see visions of heaven - see loved ones in young and perfect bodies. Like the boy, in the book and movie - Heaven is for Real.

God wishes to restore all things. And not do a partial job.

And just to set your mind at easy, I’ve included 2 answers…From your favorite Calvinist site - Got Questions:

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This would NOT be my vision of heaven:


Have I suggested such a thing? Did you read what I wrote?

I also wrote:

Where is the dividing line? Jesus is the dividing line!