Shiloh's response to Kevin DeYoung's "To Hell with Hell"


One of the comments on … with-hell/ was by someone called Shiloh.

Primarily I think it should be thankfulness for His great mercy and love.

Being aware that, when we sin, there are consequences is important. However, not as important as knowing we sadden God, and because He love us, He wants us to stop, and indeed through His grace provides the way to stop.

Depends on what you mean by wrath? I agree, if wrath has to equal ECT, than it makes no sense. However, if wrath is God’s corrective action to bring people to repentance and reconciliation, then purification and holiness, then we can all be saved by the Cross and “salted with fire” (although it’s “danger” in the sense of “something that will happen”, rather than “danger” in the sense of “you should be fearful of ECT”).


Good idea to clarify before you too get crucified without a fair trial, along with Rob Bell :neutral_face: Shame you’re not a universalist yet. Given you see the need to be movitated by love, you’re already on the right track :smiley: