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Should we form universalist congregations?


Are Anglicans and Episcopalians okay with universalists worshipping with them?


The Episcopalians, being more liberal (i.e. gay rights, etc.), probably won’t care. Anglicans in the containing Anglican movement, might be a bit more sensitive. Although if you devote time, to show you believe in and follow, historical Anglican creeds and beliefs - they might let it pass. The best thing is not to mention it. I’ve never been asked at any service (Anglican, Lutheran, etc.), to share my beliefs.

I call it the “Universalists, don’t ask - don’t tell” policy. :laughing:


As I told Randy in PM, I went to my first ELCA service today. Loved it. Plus the fact that it’s not far from my house helps. :slight_smile:


Sad news. Today it was announced that the ELCA church I’ve been attending the last couple weeks will begin promoting itself as pro-LGBT. :frowning:

I’m starting to think forming universalist congregations might be a good idea. In my search for a spiritual home, I’ve found conservative churches, which have a high regard for scripture, but are exclusivist and/or fundamentalist; and liberal churches, which welcome all Christians to the Communion table, but do not have a high regard for scripture.


I sincerely feel bad for western Christians, having to deal with Hell nonsense on the one hand or LGBTQQIP2SAA nonsense on the other. If that were my choice, I would simply stay home on Sunday mornings rather than subject myself to such things.


I had to google that acronym. I am, like, SO behind the curve… :laughing:



I suspect that they are just getting started. Give it a few years and they’ll look something like LGBTTQQFAGPBDSMASDLKFJDEWAFJEOWNVOIAWINUNCIUWEAUHTIUBBHBWAEHFBEWHJFBWEBFYEWAFEWFBEWANMBJWEFWE.



The irrational fear of acronyms. One might have been in a very confusing conversation, not knowing what they were being told because of the excessive use of acronyms. When they hear an acronym, or see one, they have similar panic attacks and feelings to that of other phobias.
Dude, I’ve got Acronyphobia. I can’t bear to hear or see an acronym, and just talking about it makes me shudder. - the Urban Dictionary

Yep, that’s me :laughing:


Here’s a trivia fact about acronyms at:

Which is the longest acronym in use?


So you don’t accept ROTFLBTCDICAJTTWADBSIHPWTRHITSBKABAYB as the longest English acronym according to the Urban Dictionary.

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You know, if you like this church and the folks there, and are comfortable, why not hang with it a while… See what happens. And it is close to you. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water :laughing: You might never have to deal with the issue. Hard to say. And if so your voice could mean something. And you could become a game changer. God may have big things in store for you! :smiley:

I’ll be prayin for ya.


From my understanding, while ELCA allows a pro-Gay marriage, etc, each individual church, congregation and clergy, are free to implement their own policies - regarding it. I do know ELCA Lutherans, who are really quite conservative.


There are a few phrases that are red flags for me when I check out a new church. “Inclusive”, “open-minded”, and “diverse” usually = pro-LGBT. “Bible-believing” and “inerrant” usually = fundamentalist.