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I think Mark Galli wrote God Wins. A pretty blah book.


Well, to be fair, LW has numerous serious faults, too, especially in the first half. I don’t think I could ever call it blah, but I’d be hopping up and down frothing very warrantedly if I was one of his opponents.

(I have a fairly extensive although often informal book-length review of LW somewhere on site, as well as a much shorter and more formal 12-page review, if you’re interested in cribbing some colorful quotes sometime. :smiley: )

Would love to read. Would you permit me to post it on my blog? :smiley:


A good Moltmann quote.

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Keith DeRose, Hope & Hitler.

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Do you know where to find them on the forum?

The longer more informal review can be found here (as downloadable texts and as the original thread material).

The shorter review can be found here.

Hey Jason. Consider it posted.

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Howdy howdy. 21 Jump Street review, as I try to spice things up. :wink:

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I’ll have to check it later at the office, as apparently my antispam and/or antivirus software here on my PC at the house hates looking at the actual articles on your website. (Or possibly my Explorer is too out of date to run the script, which is also entirely possible. I can’t upgrade to XP SP3 without crashing my system, and I heard too many bad things about Vista being unstable, and I’m a little fuzzy whether my computer has enough moxie to run Win7 while also running the high-resource programs I usually use it for. Plus I don’t want to lose backward compatability and I’ve heard troubling things about Win7 on that regard, too.)

I know my Mac is still up to date enough (and/or Norton’s will let your articles pass), but I’m unsure when I’ll be back to the office before Monday.

Thanks anyway though! :smiley:

(Note: it isn’t only that particular article–my rig here won’t open your 21 Jump Street review either. I checked.)

Howdy Folks. Happy Easter. Many of my friends do not seem to understand what the term “liberal” means in relation to theology. So, I figure Roger Olson might have something good to say. :sunglasses:

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Agnus Dei.

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Howdy folks and females. The graphic novel is coming along quite well, and just wanted to offer ya’ll a sample of the work we’re doing, and the style as well.

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Good afternoon ladies and germs. I found this list of criteria that makes one a liberal, and decided to give an answer.

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I make baby seal jokes. Just in case anyone doesn’t want that image in their mind. Well, the image is there right now, but still.



My third part on George MacDonald.

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And another bada** action flick I saw this weekend. So awesome.

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I’m reading Moltmann’s “The Crucified God” and found a quote ya’ll might love.

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Roger Olson, Time Magazine and “Heaven”

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Peter Rollins, Rob Bell and “Returning to the New”

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Howdy folks. I just finished the first ten pages of a script, and wanted to keep ya’ll updated. I can’t actually write the title of the script here because. . .it has a naughty word in it.

But, if you are down, give this a read and check out the competition I entered with my co-writer. :wink:

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Christianity Only Means of Eternal Life?

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