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Spreadsheet of Theologian & Pastor Views - Bethany Sollereder

I have created a Spreadsheet of Theologian and Pastor Views on a range of issues to get an idea of what Christian theologian and pastors believe about issues like salvation, atonement and foreknowledge. It includes: John Piper, Greg Boyd, Marcus Borg, Jeremy Myers, Thomas Oord, Mark Driscoll, Bryan Cross and Brad Jersak. I have just added Bethany Sollereder.

I welcome feedback.


Good work - thank you.
With regard to adding columns, I noticed Brad Jerserk was ‘Eastern Orthodox’ and that reminded me how important and fundamental it is, as to where we source our authority, ie is it scripture alone or does it include church tradition, liturgy etc.
Obviously the consequences are extensive: prayer to dead saints, Mariology etc etc.
Anyway, thanks for the job so far and it would be great to see more theologians included eg N T Wright et al but I appreciate your work and the time it must have taken.

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Would also be interested in a column for ‘original sin’. Thanks.

Interesting idea. Would it be yes /no or have other options?

It’s probably a bit too complicated and ambiguous a concept, actually. Too many options.