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Summary of "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus" by Jeremy Myers


Here is an article I wrote about Jeremy Myers way of approaching Biblical violence which includes a summary of “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” by Jeremy Myers.


In my 2015 comment to his post, Waving the White Flag Before the Onslought of God’s Violence,” I recommended to Jeremy Myers an important essay by Richard Murray on the nonviolent nature of God:

SATAN: Old Testament Servant Angel or New Testament Cosmic Rebel?

I had earlier challenged René Girard’s scapegoat theory of violence, by promoting the alternative offered in Murray’s essay, in my very first post at The Evangelical Universalist Forum, here:

Fighting For God’s Nonviolence

Regarding my above post recommending Murray’s essay, I got feedback (both pro and con–see the comments section) from Greg Boyd, Michael Hardin, Kevin Miller, and Derek Flood, among many others.

Also, please consider my subsequent, related post,

Is God Violent, Or Nonviolent?



So what do you all think is sin?


Good question. One part of sin, perhaps the root of all sins, is selfishness.


I see “sin” as “anything a person does which harms other people or himself.”

It grieves the heart of God to see people harming each other or themselves; that is why He asks us not to carry out particular acts.