Technology in NDEs


Are there any books you can recommend that describe technology in NDEs?


You need to clarify this first. Do you mean what technology is used, to measure and verify NDE experiences? Or technology (operations, anesthesia, etc.), used to induce NDE experiences? Etc.


Neither. I’m wondering what technology exists in the world people visit during their NDEs.


Maybe @Berserk knows some books.


I told you this a long time ago… Start with Elizabeth Kubler Ross… She is and was the for front of the NDE movement and has volumes of information.

God, qaz just google the crap.


Nobody knows of any NDE books that mention technology?


I did come across, an interesting article:

Science and the Near-Death Experience

And with the oldest, recorded NDE. Actually, as an aside. Just look at the Tibetan Book Of The Dead or The Egyptian Book Of The Dead.

Also look at:


The whole modern NDE movement was sparked by Dr. Raymond Moody’s encounter with Dr. George Ritchie, who had an amazing NDE when he was a young soldier in 1947 and wrote the first NDE book “Return form Tomorrow.” Ritchie explores his barracks OBE until Christ appears to him as a blind light guides him in a past life review and then takes him on a tour of hellish realms and then to a heavenly city full of hooded pedestrians who seem to keep to themselves and study in high-teach university buildings. He tours several research rooms with sophisticated computers, buzzing sounds, and flashing lights. He has this NDE in 1947, long before the modern computer age! He notes that none of the residents perceived his or Christ’s presence and concludes that this must be a lower heaven. As Christ talks him “higher,” the residents of other dimensions immediately recognize Christ.


What in your opinion are the three best NDE books for describing the technological landscape of heaven?


What kind of technology do you guys think there will be in heaven?


Any thoughts on Eben Alexander?


He’s a neurosurgeon and I have read this book. I believe he had a valid NDE experience. Although I might not agree, with all his interpretation - regarding his experience.


I ordered Raymond Moody’s book.


You should maybe look at DMT (dimethyltryptamine). Apparently this drug gives a lot of hallucinations and out of body experiences. I think there have been theories that say DMT is released in the brain at death - therefore giving off that out of body experience. Not sure about it but still really interesting.


No, I wouldn’t recommend it. While I can neither recommend - nor discourage - this idea. Neither can I confirm - nor deny - whether I have ever done it myself. Doing a peyote or ayahuasca journey…under the proper Native American guidance and direction…where you can link under my “medicine” tab, on my profile - for more info…might be a better option. The only thing I can confirm, is I hung around for years - with the Two Feathers Medicine Clan - where such ceremonies regularly took place.

I guess I’m like the librarian, in the Star Trek TV show: Star Trek - The City on the Edge of Forever. Just pointing out the portals, that are available!

Remember, as the librarian said: “You must be prepared.”


Interesting. I wonder if that explains NDEs.


@Berserk have you considered the possibility that NDEs can be explained by the brain releasing DMT?


@Holy-Fool-P-Zombie Thats very interesting, i’ll make sure to give that a read. I personally wouldn’t give it a go, but I think more scientific research should be done on the issue.


I’m all for scientific research. Actually, in my profile “medicine” link…there’s both a book and a video interview, by a Western medical doctor. He talks about research into this area. I have read the book and watched all the videos, I linked to. It’s very interesting.