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Technology in NDEs



Regarding technology in heaven - none. There would be no need for it. The reason we use it here on earth, in this realm, is because we are trying to mimic heaven.

Take video conferencing. We have it so we can bridge the gap between distances.
Air conditioning & Heat. We have it because our bodies become uncomfortable at certain temperatures and we cannot control the weather.
Movies because we cannot live the life we want to live with finite resources, so we live it vicariously.
Video Games - Because we are bored, either due to our limitations, or intelligence.

I can’t think of any reason we would need technology if heaven is, as many believe, magical and ethereal.


Here is a view…


He talks about the scientific research. Scientific research is research. I’m NOT Reader’s Digest. So I don’t summarize it for you. But it’s a step in the right direction.


I finished Moody’s book. It didn’t really talk about what heaven is like, so I was disappointed. Any other recommendations?