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Thanos: Is the Villain Kinder than God?


“Thanos would choose exactly 50% for salvation and 50% for instant annihilation. That’s much better and kinder than what many Christians expect of their God. For example, I once believed that only a very small remnant of humanity would finally be “saved.” My guesstimates were based on how many people were “born again” by saying “the sinner’s prayer.” In my ignorance, I couldn’t imagine that number exceeding 1-in-7 (much lower than Thanos’ 1-in-2). And in my arrogance, of course I placed myself in that 14% range of the lucky ones.”


Im off to a doctors appointment, but this intrests me and ill definitely be reading it.


Good article. I could only imagine the comments that would happen if it were there lol.


I did try posting it on r/christianity but there are downvoting trolls there which mean that very few people get to see articles like this.