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The collegiants

Is anyone here familiar with the collegiants?

Apparently some of them made philosophical arguments against the traditional view of angels (as well as Satan and demons). I’d love to read their papers, but so far have been unsuccessful finding them.

I found a number of papers on that subject, and many others at the following link. I find all sort of odd things there as well. You may have to sign in.✓&q=collegiants

Unfortunately none of those papers are by collegiants themselves. :frowning: I enjoy up to date commentaries on historical figures/communities, but I’d like to read the collegiants’ whole works, rather than just snippets in commentaries on them.

Qaz - were you able to read any of the Deists?

Sounds very familiar to the Plymouth Brethren meetings my wife and I attended in Africa, except that only men were permitted to speak.

No. Most of their works are either out of print or really old, poor quality reprints. I’ve moved on to other intellectual stimulation.:slight_smile:

Qaz - I know you’ve moved on. But just in case you ever get interested in the Collegiants again I’ve remembered that there is one Collegiant work that is readily available in English. It’s English title is 'The Light Upon the Candlestick. It is a little mystical treatise that was translated into English by an early Quaker and was popular in the Society of Friends for a time. I’ve found a copy online here:

@Sobornost I’ve moved on from studying deism, not collegiants.

Good - well the link might be helpful then :slight_smile:

Thanks Dick.

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