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The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies

Who was this post pertaining to?

It feels like just calling one’s political opponents obnoxious names.

True, but the reality does at the end of the day come to bear what we believe. qaz seems to as you say put forth a interesting position… qaz will argue about public discourse. Bob maybe you can address that?

From all the evidence I see, almost ALL the media has been bought by lefties billionaires.
There is no doubt that an Oligarchy, as you call it, tends toward those outcomes. But I fail to see how any socialist structures would be any improvement at all - the elite will NOT be a part of the socialism, they will be in charge, just as elite, just as rich and powerful. The only difference will be the suffering of the rest of us. That’s how its worked so far in this world; maybe we just haven’t gotten it right?

Until this fact is understood, all human institutions are just band-aids:
“Once let men thoroughly believe that they are the work and sport of chance—that no superior intelligence concerns itself with human afiairs; that all their improvements perish for ever at death ; that the weak have no guardian and the injured no avenger; that there is no recompense for sacrifices to uprightness and the public good; that an oath is unheard in heaven ; that secret crimes have no witness liut the perpetrator; that human existence has no purpose and human virtue no unfailing friend; that this brief life is everything to us, and death is total, everlasting extinction—once let men thoroughly abandon religion, and who can conceive or describe the extent of the desolation which would follow ?” Channing

The fact is that the Left is richer than the right; the result has been a steady and now accelerating diminishing of human rights, free speech, sanity about immigration (we need those votes!), tolerance and civility.
The push towards totalitarianism, which is what the thread is about, is always from the left.
Billionaires are protecting their interests of course, on both sides. That’s a given, and I have no reason to think that swapping one set of billionaires for another makes any difference at all.

I have no respect for the right nor the left. The rich are looking out for themselves. Do they deserve their money? Some do, some don’t. Like the rest of us, but they have access to power that we don’t.
The right tends to fascism, the left to totalitarianism. Both are detrimental to human flourishing.

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After failing at everything else, Senator Cory Booker is going back to what worked in his glory days in Newark.

Publicity stunts.

“Today I crossed the US-Mexico border in El Paso with @fams2gether and @LasAmericasIAC to help five women present themselves for asylum. These are my observations. Please don’t look away,” Booker tweeted.

That’s followed by the usual claims that detention for illegal aliens is a house of horrors. (In that case, why escort these supposed refugees there?)

The crossing was organized by Families Together. It’s fairly typical of Booker’s preference for publicity stunts over actually doing anything.

“It shouldn’t take a member of Congress to help people cross into our country,” Booker tweeted.

Nobody should be crossing into our country. Period.

Not unless they’re Americans, tourists with visas or other people who have a legal right to be here.

Your NRA bashing is silly. Sorry, but it just is.

-Can we ban guns and/or eliminate them? No. Stop living in fairyland.
-Is the NRA in favor of school shootings? Don’t be an idiot. Of course not.
-Is the NRA against gun control? Depends on what YOU mean by gun control. Banning is gun control for some. Mandatory buy-back - in other words, forced confiscation from honest citizens (since criminals won’t turn in guns - be realistic) is control for some of you. The first is fairyland, the second is a move toward totalitarianism.

What can be done? Arm the teachers that want to be armed, and train them; and provide only one access to campuses. This will work. It is already happening. It is common-sense. (Knowing the teachers are armed would obviously be a huge deterrent - it would be much easier for the gunman to go to a no-guns-allowed area and blast away without opposition.) The only weakness in the idea of armed teachers as deterrent is in the psychology of leftie hate-gunners who would rather let a gunman run amok?) It has nothing to do with the NRA. It is so obvious a solution that even gun haters such as yourself can see the logic to it, once you give up the idea of a perfect world.

Hating the NRA - fine, whatever. But I get the impression that the NRA is just a target to hate, instead of taking real action as laid out above.

You are so mistaken it is appalling. It’s that simple, and you refuse to see what GOOD we are trying to do for immigrants, who have put us in a situation we are not prepared for, nor should we have to be. Simplistic arguments do no good, and I don’t know why you feel it is your right to dump continually on America. Who else does what good we do??
AS for guns, your two ideas are good ones. But the arming of teachers is an excellent one as well - why not try both??

It’s better to have 10 trained teachers than one policeman on a donut break.
What do you think about the -only-one-portal into the campuses?

As for ‘inhuman treatment’ - of course the detentions are crowded - we did not plan for 100,000 ILLEGAL immigrants a month - how could we? To call our response immoral is first to ignore the criminality of the immigration caravans, which is a moral issue, second to ignore the inciting and profit-making of the caravan organizers in those countries, which is immoral, and then to criticize the efforts we have been making in ignoring our own laws and using massive taxpayer monies to accomodate as best we can the ILLEGAL hordes that are continuing to pour in - that criticism is immoral also imo.
By all means keep your compassion alive, BUT put the blame WHERE IT BELONGS. And it does not belong in my lap or America’s.
If you are an equal opportunity dumper, do you EVER recognize any good thing America does - or are you like the never-Trumpers who would not respond affirmatively to the 150 or so good things Trump has done, that I posted, as if acknowledging lots of good would be harmful to their closed and hateful ideology?

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Quite frankly, the subject has ALWAYS been I Hate Trump. I’ve been reacting to that for almost 3 years, sorry if you Dems feel so left out.

And by the way Q - you still haven’t acknowledge the good that Trump has done. Never-Trumper??

The prosperous Nordic country has enacted some of the harshest measures in Europe

An Island for ‘Unwanted’ Migrants Is Denmark’s Latest Aggressive Anti-Immigrant Policy

Despite a reputation for progressive politics, humanitarianism and a generous welfare state, Denmark has some of the most aggressive anti-immigrant policies in Europe. That has included taking out foreign-newspaper adverts warning potential migrants that they are not welcome, and authorizing police to seize cash and valuables from arriving asylum seekers to offset the cost of their maintenance.

(Is this the oh-so-more enlightened Europe that has been used to shame America?)



Exactly the point, thanks for helping me.
You and other libs have been focused only on Trump - period - it’s like he lives in your head.
The subject of what good Dems have done has not been raised - there has not been time because of your constant haranguing and misplaced hatred of Trump. It has just gone on and on and on.
That’s fine, but don’t complain when we fire back at you.
If you expect fair treatment, you have to show it yourself as well.
Lol indeed.
I am far from denying the good that Dems have done, or the shortcomings of Republicans. I see both very clearly.

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Or it could be said that it is a shame that you are so enamored with the destruction of Mr. Trump, that you would continually ignore what is happening today.

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That painful perception of what every issue pivots on (for us) helps explain much anguished emotion.

Every issue? I don’t know what you mean by that.
The only issue it affects imo is the issue of libs refusing to see any good in Trump’s policies.
It seems to me that the overwhelming and misplaced hatred of the President has changed the Left to the point that they are almost deranged - at least their ‘leaders’ and the media, by and large.
Every issue?

That is misplaced thinking imo.

Anyway I’m still in shock on the whole Denmark thing, which has shown how painful some perceptions here have been.

I appreciate you in acknowledging that such issues produce emotions of shock and anguish.

That’s what you said.

Because at the end of the day you are Democratic and have a bit of history railing against Mr. Trump. Anyone who wants to can go back in your history and see it. And it is what it is, FWIW, why the big deal about it?