The Other People


A number of years ago (I’m not sure how many—maybe 10 or more), a pagan posted his views in another forum. He believed that Genesis 1 and 2 were descriptions of two different creations and several different creators (in Genesis 1). He believed that he, himself, was a descendant of those from the first creation described in Genesis 1, prior to Adam and Eve, and that others are descendants of Adam and Eve, who were created by the god, Yahweh, as recorded in Genesis 2. He called himself one of “the other people.”

I thought you might be interested in his understanding of Genesis 1 and 2—far out from a Jewish or Christian point of view, but rather interesting notwithstanding:


I’m speechless.




So odd that it threw me off my tenuous grasp of reality. I mean, it is really different. Not uninteresting, in its own way, just…odd. :smiley:


The only reason I posted his exposition, was for possible interest in a pagan’s way of looking at Genesis 1 and 2. I also thought it might help prepare some of you (should you dialogue with a pagan), so that you are aware of the kind of thinking with which you may have to deal.


I recognize that one. It’s from Spock of Star Trek. :exclamation: :laughing: