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The spirit and the bride say, "Come"


IIRC Jersak emphasized in “Her Gates” that it was after John enumerated the people cast into the lake of fire that the Spirit and bride say, “Come.” (Rev 22:17) If the bride = Christians, then the bride can’t be inviting Christians when she says, “Come.” If all the people “outside” are those in the LOF, then the opportunity to be saved must still be open after “final judgment”.



@davo what do you think?



It’s an old article but it’s still relevant, and pertinent to your question…



Yes that’s my take & of course Preterists believe the Lake of Fire is 70AD so they will have another view. But to me it’s a call after physical death to salvation by the Holy Spirit and the Bride of Christ to the still unsaved!



Actually Steve that is more the pantelist view… most prêterists assume the LoF is simply Hell MkII, with hades being Hell MkI, with one just replacing the other.



@steve7150 I’m a preterist/pantelist. My speculation is that the LOF was earthly, and those in it were called out of it into the postmortem reality of heaven.



Well if Preterists believe the LOF is hell then they may interpret this like i do, or at least some of them?



Prêterist Calvinists are typically very strong on Hell MKI = hades becoming Hell MKII = LoF (slightly less so with Arminians). I’ve never understood how they just arbitrarily exchange one for the other, with one being cast into the other, as per Rev 20:14 — like what was wrong with the flames of hades, as per Lk 16:23-24… not extensive or hot enough? Other than that, but to a lesser extent, you have Prêterists of either persuasion who are annihilationists… that IMO is even more problematic in terms of any prêteristic consistency.

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In Micah Stephens’ book, Stephens takes the position that Sheol/Hades was a place where dead people were unconscious until the resurrection. I’m not finished reading what he thinks of the LOF/Gehenna, but so far he seems to think it’s only AD 70.