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The Trinity and why it is a big issue


Thanks. What are your thoughts on this? I’m pretty sure you don’t think God tortures people.


You are right; I don’t. So I suspected the translation. Yet Lightfoot, Hoole, and Donaldson all translate it as “punishment and torture.”

I managed to get a copy of the letter in Greek. The last six words in the “offensive” sentence are:

υπαρχοντας εις κολασινω και αικισμον τιθησιν

The meaning of the six words in order are:
property, into, correction ,and ,hold the truth, put (or place).

I can see why they translated “kolasis” as “punishment” instead of correction. Many do so.
But I see no word that can possibly mean “torture.” Some claim that there is a missing word or words. Perhaps these translators supplied “torture” as the missing word.