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Two elections? Grace and national?

I’m reading Max King’s new book. King says there were two elections: the one according to grace that we all know about, and also the election of Jacob’s descendants to be the nation through whom God would fulfill his promise to Abraham to bless all nations.

Were there two elections? Was Israel’s position one of election?

The ‘election of grace’ was a simple recapitulation wherein such became the means for redeeming the elect nation, i.e., Israel… “When I take away their sins” (Rom 11:26-27). The ‘firstfruits church’ being ‘the Body of Christ’ were those called and elected to join in Christ’s redemptive act ON BEHALF OF “all Israel”.

The pattern of this is clearly marked out in Israel’s past story (history) where under the guidance of God (for the sake that one should not boast) certain ones were elected via Gideon to join him in the deliverance, i.e., salvation of the elect people Israel — as per Judges 7.

Romans 11:28
As regards the gospel, they are enemies for your sake. But as regards election, they are beloved for the sake of their forefathers.

King thinks election in this verse refers to the election of ethnic Israel. @davo I’m not sure about that.

I think King is right… “they are enemies” fits no one else but ethnic Israel, i.e., such as to whom the promises were made.

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