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UMC to split over gay marriage

It was only a matter of time.

It does seem that Christians are bound to split over differing views of sexuality. In my own denomination, American Baptist, as exemplified in my Pacific Southwest region, we could stay together despite having many theological liberals who denied traditional doctrines and Biblical infallibility. We also had a statement that homosexuality was unbiblical.

But when even under congregational autonomy, the denomination would not block a congregation selecting a gay representative to our biennial conferences, orthodoxy was judged breached by my region, which then sadly departed the denomination whose diversity I loved. Despite other heterodoxies on more central doctrines and the Bible hardly focusing on the possibility of faithful homosexual unions, there seems something about homosexuality that is uniquely a deal breaker for conservative types.

Well divorce is only allowed under limited circumstances but this rule is generally not followed yet it is often difficult to interpret the reason for a divorce, but homosexuality is usually pretty obvious and blatant so more offensive to many.

As it should be.

What do you find immoral about homosexuality? It’s not clear to me that homosexuality is immoral, though it’s not clear to me that it’s not immoral either. I haven’t read a good philosophical argument for why it’s immoral. If you have, I’d be interested in reading it.

Yes, I think that is how traditionalists react. It feels ‘blatant’ to them. I no longer find it a threat.

I didn’t say anything about ‘immorality’.

If something should be offensive to people must it not be immoral?

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Some people ‘feel’ it is wrong. Are they wrong for their feelings?

What would make ‘feelings’ “wrong”?

Gay people deeply ‘feel’ like they are ‘right’ - it feels right, so it must be right.
So anyone who criticizes their feelings is wrong.

Some people ‘feel’ deeply that the gay lifestyle is wrong.
So anyone who criticizes their feelings is --right?

This article from today’s Patheos’ Evangelical newsletter, would compliment this forum thread.

What does “wrong” mean for you here, if you are not saying it is immorality?
What does “the gay lifestyle” refer to?

I don’t think so. Intuitively, I think there’s something wrong about homosexuality. I can’t articulate what though, so maybe my intuition is correct. As I said, if you can recommend any philosophical arguments against homosexuality, I’d be happy to check them out.

I think biblically speaking it is against God’s will , but so is divorce and no one cares about that. My personal feeling is “live and let live.”

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I can’t offer any philosophical arguments. However, I could list quite a few scripture verses. But everyone here already knows them. Right? And I feel nothing but pain for those who cannot find sexual love with those of the opposite gender. My heart goes out to them.


I read that previously they split over slavery. I imagine the battle lines are similar.

@mcarans are you sure you’re not thinking of the Baptists?

Just googled to confirm what I read in a Facebook post :

I agree - but I would like to see both ‘sides’ agree to that. IOW ‘special rights’ and propagandizing of the young should be out of bounds.