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Universalism debates/ studie DVDs?

Hello everyone,

I was writing to see if you all can help me. I am looking for DVDs of Universalism, either debates or doctrinal study ones. Thank you all for your help.


There is a good amount of UR material on youtube, that you may find useful. Here is a debate on UR that Jason Pratt kindly sent me, and which I found very interesting : … ature=plcp

Here’s a guy I found a few years ago, and he makes some good arguments for UR: … re=related

This is a good web site too, as it explains UR clearly and simply:

Welcome to the forum! Excellent question! One of the problems with being a minority (sometimes viewed as heretics) is we are still building up resources to make things like DVDs… But this is changing, for example the movie “Hell Bound?” coming out in September should be excellent, as it interviews people right across the spectrum (including prominent EUs!).

However, we much need more, especially as video is now such a powerful & pervasive medium. There are somethings on YouTube, but again it takes, time, skill, & money to do them well. If you do find DVDs, please post here to let us know.

I googled ‘Hellbound’ and found this trailer on youtube. Can’t wait for it to come out…

Thanks for bringing it to our attention Alex. :smiley:

No probs Catherine :sunglasses: I intend to publicise it a lot more very soon. Here’s a thread where the director commented about it: Docu-movie Hellbound