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Universalism makes perfect logical sense, but...

I would like to see a completely biblically based argument. One that shows all the verses that support universalism (I know there are quite a few), explains the opposiitions arguments against your interpretation of those verses, and then an explanation of why your interpretation is correct and the opposition is wrong, as well as an explanation of the verses that the opposition claims to show that universalism is false, and an explanation of why the oppositions interpretation is wrong, and give an alternate interpretation that would still fit in with universalism. If you can do this (you probably can, but it will take a while), I will likely become a universalist, perhaps with a little more studying on my own. I already know that universlaism logically makes sense, but biblically, I’m not sure. So can anyone do what I outlined above?

Welcome, Luke!

That would be quite a project. Have you looked at the recommended resources yet? There are a lot of things listed there that might help you in your search. I don’t know if we have anything that comprehensive yet.


About the closest thing I’ve found to what you’re describing is Elhanan Winchester’s Dialogues on the Universal Restoration
It is done in dialogue format as if it were a conversation between two people, but there’s a ton of scripture in there, and I’m pretty sure he covers topics fairly well.

I think you can still find the free electronic copy on google books.

Welcome aboard, Luke.

As for your suggestions, why not try having a go at it yourself? You’ll find masses of information on this site, and others. You’d learn much more that way than by merely reading someone else’s thoughts.


Do you know if I could download that as a free e-book? Because I’m only 14, and I don’t think my mom would take to kindly to me buying a book like that.

Yeah, that would probably be best. As I said before, I’m only 14, but I’m considering studying theology once I go to college, so that I could really seriously study the Bible and make an intelligent decision. But for now, I’d still like to learn as much as possible. Perhaps you or someone else could start me off by giving a list of all the Bible verses supporting universalism. I’ve read a few, but I’m sure there are a lot more. … yGkBsgpAbs

Here is a good start, a 100% Bible verse sermon.

Free download book to start you off:

Also I highly recommend (both free & short) reading:

One long list of verses:

And another one:

Enjoy :sunglasses:

This. :mrgreen:

If you’re having trouble deciding which of those resources to start with, I suggest Hope Beyond Hell - it’s one of the first Scripture-soaked book-length treatments of Christian universalism, so I think it’s a fair introduction. (Free E-book, by the way, as is the Winchester book previously mentioned)

Welcome, Luke–I hope you learn a lot and above all grow in the grace and love of God. :slight_smile:

Just downloaded Hope Beyond Hell and am starting to read.

Yes, I think you should be able to find it by going to google books and searching for the title. I think you can save a copy to your hard drive, or at least bookmark it in favorites and read it online.

This is true. I just did that–added it to my google account, which should link up to the app on my phone and let me read it at my leisure ANYWHERE mwahahahaha! :smiley:

Seriously, though, thanks for the recommendation, Mel.


I am impressed by your ability to spell out what would address your need. My own attempt to do that may be too brief, but it is my best shot at focusing on the central texts at issue: Short Case for Universalism

I’ve started reading Hope Beyond Hell. Seems really good so far.