Universalist churches


I feel like there should be a resource for people to find universalist churches. Though probably like finding a needle in a haystack, I’m sure there are some universalist churches out there. I have no interest in attending churches that teach hopeless punishment.


There is… google :rofl:


I am aware of only one group of churches in which the leaders and most of the people believe in the ultimate reconcilation of all people to God. They do NOT teach hopeless ;punishment.

I was with a local church within this group for 40 years. Strangely, the leaders as well as the local elders, seldom if ever, mention this belief when speaking to the people. I heard it expressed from the pulpit by only one particular leader, and it is not included as part of their statement of faith. Here is a link to the group. From this site, you can find out where the churches of the group are located.



Unfortunately when I google universalist churches I mainly get Unitarian Universalist churches. It should be easier to find CHRISTIAN universalist churches.


Did you check out Global Missions and click on “Attend”? It will give you a list of their churches in Canada, United States, and the Caribbean. In none of their churches will you ever hear a word about eternal hell for the lost.


I did paidion. Unfortunately there’s none near me. :frowning:


I checked out the website, but I was confused by their statement of faith - I think you mentioned that. ‘Speaking in tongues’ as the only sign of being Spirit-filled; and the doctrine of hell was really spelled out.
But as you say - these are not matters of fellowship for them?


Look… you all have to first realize that the ideas banded about on this forum are so unorthodox (heretical) that unless you start your own fellowship it is not going happen. Good luck in the interim.


Yeah DaveB, that turned me off too. Show me someone untrained in Arabic or Farsi or Chinese speak one of THOSE languages and I’ll believe he’s been given the biblical gift of tongues. People speaking gibberish, especially when they’re pressured to won’t convince me of anything miraculous.


MM, is your church universalist? Preterist?


“Should we form universalist congregations?” @…


No I have put forth both the preterist view and the universalist (inclusionary) view of the pantelist belief, but have been kind of poo pooed as to my belief. They love me because I play guitar for praise and worship, but I am an anomaly to them. :wink:


I’m not sure I understand you correctly. What confused you? I couldn’t find in the statement, “Speaking in tongues is the only sign of being Spirit-filled.”

Also how was the doctrine of hell “really spelled out”? Article 8 says merely, “There is a life hereafter; Heaven for the righteous, Hell for the wicked and rebellious, God Himself being the only one who makes this judgement.” There is nothing about Hell being eternal. Having been with one of the churches in that circle of fellowship for 40 years, I would say that their understanding is that Hell is remedial, and that God uses it as a means of loving correction. There is no suggestion that it is tortuous.

Personally I don’t (and never) have agreed with all their articles of faith, e.g. their Trinitarianism, and I suggested the group to qaz only on the basis that it doesn’t teach everlasting punishment in Hell.

Also, I suspect that they have worded the statement of faith in such a way that it might be accepted by evangelicals in general. However, their teachings and practice, in my opinion, are considerably different. I am not sure whether or not they would classify themselves as evangelical.

Oh, by the way, one of their “travelling deacons” is registered online in the list of universalists.


Thanks Don for explaining that.




@davo what do you think of Unitarian Universalist churches?


Can’t honestly say qaz as I’ve never attended one.


I don’t know about the UU churches, But I just bought a house in the city, and there is a Christian Scientologist church on the corner… I have been tempted to try to go there on a Sunday… if they even meet on a Sunday, the place looks like a fort? Not sure they would let me in :grinning:

Interesting though.

If anyone knows anything about them let me know.




Thanks :grinning: