Upcoming conferences addressing EU


I know of ETS in November where Robin is speaking etsjets.org/puc/puc_young_annualmeeting

But I’ve heard rumors that t4g.org/speakers/ will be addressing it to?? Anyone know anything more about that? :confused:

The only mention of universalism on their site is here:

"]… in the last fifty years in evangelicalism (as its Calvinistic moorings slip) we have seen an erosion of commitment to the exclusivity of Christ and the absolute necessity of the Gospel for salvation. This is the consequence of an encroaching, incipient, Arminianism. It has led many an Arminian to stop sharing the Gospel. The evangelical Calvinist, on the other hand, will be the very last one to cave in to universalism in its various forms, or to accommodate the spirit of the age. The evangelical Calvinist is a supernaturalist and a particularist in ways that the Arminian is not, and thus is less vulnerable to the siren call of the spirit of the age that compromises bold Gospel witness. :unamused:


patheos.com/community/rogere … versalism/

its weird that in the above post, Roger Olson Evangelical Arminian felt that Calvinism led to universalism or at least was a large driving factor for some universalist theologians.


I’ve joked before that one of the things I noticed back before I became a universalist, is that Arms and Calvs both tend to complain that the other leads to universalism. :smiley:

Relatedly, it’s highly amusing to see Calvinists, who teach pre-election and God’s persistence to salvation, chiding Arminians for supposedly abandoning “the absolute necessity of the Gospel for salvation” leading “many an Arminian to stop sharing the Gospel”.

Since that’s exactly the charge the Arminians level at Calvinists, with more direct theological justification. :wink:

Meanwhile, which is the bolder Gospel witness? That God acts to save everyone? That God persists in saving? Or that God persists in saving everyone!?

Because I recall being routinely critted by Calvs and Arms for going way too far with that last one.

(Boldly going with the eonian Gospel where no man ought to go, so to speak. :slight_smile: )


This reminds me of being in a Christian University bookshop recently, and on one of the tables were two books; one was “Why I am not a Calvinist” and the other (right next to it) was “Why I am not an Arminian”. :laughing:

I smiled and internally shook my head, thinking; Where’s the third book? Entitled, of course; “Why I am not a Calvinist or an Arminian” (but a Universalist, instead). :mrgreen:

It also reminds me of a tongue-in-cheek comment I heard from one of my spiritual mentors (not a universalist); “A heretic is someone who didn’t go to the same bible school as you.” :wink: