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Utah senate votes to decriminalise polygamy

"The Utah state senate voted unanimously on Tuesday to effectively decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults, reducing penalties for a practice with deep religious roots in the predominantly Mormon state.

The bill, which would treat the offense of plural marriage as a simple infraction on par with a parking ticket, now moves to the Utah house of representatives, where it is likely to face greater resistance.

The bill swiftly cleared the Republican-controlled senate on a vote of 29-0 with little discussion."

What are your thoughts about this move from a moral and Biblical perspective? From a practical perspective, would this mean that those wanting plural marriage could take a short holiday to Utah?

Well, why was it allowed in the Bible - in the first place?

The question of polygamy is an interesting one in that most people today view polygamy as immoral while the Bible nowhere explicitly condemns it.

However, Utah is heavily Mormon and the church is highly conservative. And the official position, is that it is not allowed. And that is an official Mormon church teaching. And the church has a strong influence, on what is done in Utah politically. So I doubt that the proposal will go anywhere.

I thought that it is because Utah is Mormon that the issue is being discussed at all.

Not for me thanks, one wife is enough, and I’m sure my good wife would say the same about me.:crazy_face:


I don’t think the bible has to explicitly condemn every single action when it makes clear a marriage is between one man and one women. Perhaps it existed because men often died in war and there were many unattached women so this was a matter of survival sometimes. .

I perceive that what’s most clearly apparent in the Hebrew Bible is that marriage need not be between a man and one woman. Most of the narrative’s main heroes are portrayed as enjoying multiple partners, and we’re explicitly told that God honors the guys who please him with extra wives and sex partners.

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