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What books are our members reading? Post updates freely! {g}


Nick, American Gods is definitely very interesting and thought-provoking as long as you don’t mind things being a bit dark. Yes, ancient (and modern) mythology in modern-ish America. Would love to hear what you thought when you’ve had chance to read it - it’s a massive book though, takes a while to get through! My copy came with discussion questions in the back, bizarrely!


I realised I’d never read Mere Christianity so I’ve just started it :smiley:


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Haha [tag]Cindy Skillman[/tag], exactly!
But I’m more than halfway through now and it really is very helpful, so if any of you feel cynically-inclined I recommend it. … yers+cynic


I’m reading “Niacin: The Real Story” and it has some interesting information in it about people with the schizophrenic gene. The authors include schizoaffective in the category of schizophrenic so this would apply to me as well. It’s referring to those who have the gene but have gotten better or who aren’t in a state of psychoses or mood disorder:

The authors of the book have worked with those who are schizophrenic and schizoaffective. They are:

Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D

Harold D. Foster, Ph.D.

Thanks to [tag]Cindy Skillman[/tag] for telling me about this book. It has some valuable information in it that has helped me in so many ways! :smiley:


I’m glad, Cole. :slight_smile:


Just got me a copy of the late Dallas Willard’s new book “The Allure Of Gentleness”. It’s about defending and presenting the faith with the fruit of gentleness. Here’s a few blurbs:


Fascinating! I was just at the Baptist Seminary bookstore and found an excellent book. I say excellent but I haven’t read it all yet. It is however something that I have pursued for years and now have an up to date argument that was first developed by C.S. Lewis on joy. It’s called “The Apologetics of Joy: A Case for the Existence of God from C.S. Lewis’s Argument from Desire”. Here’s what is says on the back:

This is a unique piece of scholarship, the only book I know of that is wholly devoted to the most interesting argument in the world. It is clear and persuasive, and I strongly recommend it - Peter Kreeft


I am about to re read Virkler’s Four Keys To Hearing God’s Voice.

I once read a meditation from this book and had a powerful supernatural experience that I am still trying to understand.

In the past I’ve read a lot of books looking for proofs about God though I already knew He existed.

A short list of some of them:

The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel

The God Gene, Dean Hamer M.D.

The Language of God, Francis M. Collins the former head of the Human Genome Project

Anatomy of the Soul by Curt Thompson, M.D.

A More Excellent Way, Henry Wright

The Apologetics of Jesus by Geisler and Zukeran

Jews, God and History by Max Dimont

My Utmost for His Highest, Oswalld Chambers

How to be Born Again, Billy Graham

Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit, Charles Spurgeon

The Pursit of God, A.W. Tozer

The Christian’s Secret to A Happy Life, Hannah Whitall Smith

Everything written by Stephen E. Jones on his God’s Kingdom site.

Absolute Surrender, Andrew Murray

The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence


Easy to read by bible teacher, Dr. Stephen E. Jones

Lessons From Church History, Volume 1 … -volume-1/

Lessons From Church History, Volumes 2 - 4 … -volume-2/


This is a very beautiful and prophetic book…It is not too long and shows the godly order behind numbers.

The Biblical Meaning of Numbers From One to Forty … umbers.pdf


I’ve been reading Miraculous Movements - How Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims Are Falling in Love with Jesus

by Jerry Trousdale … 141854728X

Whole families and villages and towns are converting from Islam to Christianity. Are the core are some simple Bible studies where just four questions are discussed:

  1. What does this passage say to us about humanity?
  2. What does this passage say to us about God?
  3. If this is true, what do I need to do about it?
  4. Who do I know who needs to hear this, too?

If the numbers are true - it is truly remarkable.



Muslims are a lot more receptive than we think. The media which is controlled by demonic secret societies is always promoting the idea that they are unapproachable fanatics that will hurt us.

But I gave several of them literature in person showing how Jesus saved the world and they were all receptive. Of course, they weren’t in a group and had been in the U.S. some time.

But these local Muslims are the ones you need to reach first because once you do they are the ones with all the language skills to carry Jesus back to the Middle East.

So we should be focusing a lot more effort on evangelizing Muslims within Christian countries.

I said yes Jesus is God to one taxi driver and I think he converted. He almost wrecked the car by dashing into the curb after I told him he had a servant heart like Jesus, that he was made in the image of God and yes that Jesus is God.


Jason Pratt you can google The Biblical prophecy for a wonderful article by Steven M. Collins in which he explains how to locate the U.S. and the United Kingdom in the bible.


These are two books every Christian should read. The Book of Jasher and the Book of Wisdom.

I’ve only read parts of each…I was interrupted on both and have yet to finish them but they fill in key biblical details for helping one to understand the bible’s narrative.

For example, what really happened between Ishmael and Isaac.


I am currently reading Strongman’s His Name…What’s His Game? by Latin American Missionary Drs. Jerry and Carol Robeson

So I will know spiritual warfare tactics and have as much as possible committed to memory. They also discuss faith healing.

They have a sequel to this, too and I will read it next.

All of this is in conjunction with the final chapter of Ephesians where believers are told to put on the Armor of God.

Even after putting the Armor on there are best methods for wielding the Sword of the Spirit.

Online and Deliverance (Everett Cox) and the Demonbuster site have a lot of information on how to spot and handle demons.

But we also need to learn to examine ourselves for heart idols…these are the things we let ourselves get attached to that block or get in the way of a full and fruitful relationship with God…Our society is ridden with materialism and always promoting idols like fame or money or power as desirable objects. It usually leads us to develop an evil eye where we look at and mentally focus on and desire things God says won’t make us satisfied but could block Him in areas of our life.


I should have mentioned Henry Wright’s book in more detail.

It is a primer on faith healing. I even met a Christian chiropractor who does faith healing and refers to this book.

What Wright does is he tries to trace out the spiritual roots of diseases.

He acknowledges not all health issues are spiritual but this book has a lot of information.

It is a faith healers reference guide. Wright has a background in anatomy and I believe he is a type of faith healing pioneer.

Pioneers always catch a lot of flack and Wright catches it from Christians and unbelievers.

I am adding these links in case people want to browse on the topics of spiritual warfare and faith healing.

Christian Healing

John G. Lake Ministries

Deliverance Ministries with a self ministry

Andrew Wommack Ministries

Demonbuster for paranormal info


Divine Reversal- Caleb Miller (great book!)

Beauty Will Save the World- Brian Zahnd


Who is God - His character revealed in The Christ by C S Cowles … 0834121476

(Sadly not on Kindle)

This book seeks to reveal the true character of God as seen by reading the Bible through the “lens” of Jesus.



Hi Jason
Can this thread handle books that we are currently writing or have recently written as well?
I have recently written and published “The Really Good News About God” that has a universalist theme.
I can give more details if this section can accommodate books written.
Blessings, Barry