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What books are our members reading? Post updates freely! {g}

I’m pretty sure Fee isn’t universalistic: he’s a high-profile Assembly of God pentacostal minister (as well as a major exegete and textual critic. I’ve been thinking of getting his Pauline Christianity for other reasons.)

Most preterists aren’t universalists, even though as our local preterists like to point out there are interesting logical connections between them.

Lot of Gospels stuff this summer:

Tom Wright’s *The Challenge of Jesus *and bits of his Jesus and the Victory of God.
Ben Witherington’s The Jesus Quest.
*The Historical Jesus: Five Views *by Beilby and Eddy.
Greg Boyd’s Cynic, Sage or Son of God?
Mark L. Strauss’s Four Portraits, One Jesus.
*The New Testament in Antiquity *by Burge, Cohick and Green.
Richard E. Creel’s Divine Impassibility: An Essay in Philosophical Theology.


I adore Boyd’s Cynic Sage…? (Are you the guy who knows him personally?? One of our longtime members does, I always forget who… :blush: )

Sometimes I wish he would revise and update it; even though there are plenty of books on the market doing much the same thing nowadays, so I guess he feels like it wouldn’t be worth it. (Crossan, and especially Mack, have fallen off the public radar, too, although JDC does manage to keep plugging away with guest speaking roles on History and Discovery Channel episodes. :wink: )

Edited to add: it occurred to me that my grammar might be misleading above, to people unfamiliar with Boyd’s tome. Back around 1994 he wrote a book largely dedicated to tracing the history of sceptical anti-historical apologetics up through Crossan and Mack as two recent examples who were high-profile at the time; and then completely shredded their methodologies and results while making a contrasting case in favor of Jesus’ existence, personal claims, and resurrection.

He’s very fair and detailed about reporting what they and the Jesus Seminar more broadly were doing at the time; no less than 1/3 of the text (I estimate) could be picked up as-is and reprinted as a pro-JSem monograph. So when he nukes them, in meticulous detail, it’s far more satisfying. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Finished Stonehous(e) yesterday (sometimes his name is spelled with an ‘e’, sometimes not :wink: ). I wish I could get hold of the sequels, where he dialogues with other theologians of his day on that book (and maybe develops his position some more along the way.) A number of nifty things in a very long book from that time period (pushing 500 pages!)

Next up, The Universal Restoration by Winchester (1819 edition). I recall at least starting this book a couple of years ago, but I don’t recall if I got far in it. It’s presented as a set of fictional dialogues based on real-life conversations, somewhat in the vein of Justin Martyr’s "Dialogue with “Trypho”.

Yeah, I’m the guy who knows Greg. He’s guite brilliant. His next book (about violence in the Old Test) should get folks talking! I think it’ll hit the market in the Spring. Not sure.


I have just bought a copy of “Restoring the Honour of His Name” by Arthur Eedle. … e/16578283

Looking forward to reading it.

I sit in Awe,

I agree with Jason that there are no indications that Fee is universalist, and my comments on his commentary’s preterism did not mean to imply otherwise. He does make clear that most of the judgments described in Revelation are not “ultimate,” but partial with the express purpose of bringing repentance, and I hope to comment on his take on the crucial final chapters after I study his variation further.

… … [size=200]WAAAANNNNNNNNNNTTTTTT!!![/size]

Can I reach through a wormhole and preorder yet?

That is definitely interesting. I wouldn’t have imagined he’d even go that far.

He (Greg) told me this past Sunday night that it (his book on violence in the OT) is gonna “Rock the boat.” Yeah. Can’t wait.


Not sure about pre-published copies. I read a VERY rough draft (only a couple hundred pages) a couple years ago. But I understand it’s a 500 pager now and has be refined and refined. Bring it on!


I’ve started to re-read The Gospel of God’s Reconciliation of All in Christ by Ernest F. Stroeter. I read it last winter, but felt that I had missed some points. The boy is a little longwinded (lots of commas :laughing: ).

I’m also reading Christus Victor by Gustaf Aulen. It is a historical study of the three main types or views of the atonement.

I’m also re-reading The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov, I first read this when I was a young man, many years ago :open_mouth: I’m a little bit of a Sci-Fi fan :nerd: :laughing:

As part of a terrific series dubbed “Inglorious Pastors” ( … cle&id=121 - scroll down to 2010 where the most recent series is “Compassion by Command”) Greg Boyd preached a sermon that may provide us with a foretaste of what is to come in his new book on violence in the OT. The sermon is called “Jesus vs. Jehovah.”

Oh yeah, and I’m currently reading Decision Making and the Will of God by Garry Friesen and The Last Superstition by Edward Feser. Also rereading a collection of ghost stories by M.R. James. :mrgreen:

Thanks Bob and also Jason.

I’m hoping to get around to tackling the Book of Revelations sometime soon. Well not sure if tackling is possible. :slight_smile: But at least looking to make an attempt to understand it better.

I first have to get through some of these other books I have, but the list keeps growing rather than shrinking!

Got sidetracked again on all my books to read Robin Parry’s EU. Recently got Kindle on my Iphone so have been creating more reading time for myself outside of home. All I can say about this book is WOW.

The Chapter on “Israel and the Nations in the OT” blew my mind. I mean literally broke my brain. :stuck_out_tongue: I had to go back and read it a second time looking up all the verses and still was having issues Not sitting in awe while reading that Chapter. Maybe it’s just because I never before noticed or fully grasped the covenant theme God had with Adam/Noah/Israel/Jesus to bless the Nations. But there is some STRONG universalist gleanings there. There is also some Totally awesome insights into Jesus role as the suffering servant fullfilling what the adam/Noah/Israel could not. God swears on Oath to restore Israel and Bless all the Nations, who will come and worship him. He swears he will bring this about. Pointing out how his word will accomplish what it intends. And sure enough Jesus as the ultimate fulfillment of Israel and God’s Covenant Fulfills God’s Sworn Oath to Save All. There’s appears to be so many levels of fulfilment and prophecy going on in the OT and I never noticed half of it before. :slight_smile:

The Later Chapter on Book of Revelation wins second prize for awesome Chapter. But Ive heard the contents of that chapter discussed on this board so was more familiar with Robin’s points. Still very interesting and insightful.

Have now finished The Universal Restoration by Winchester (1819 edition). While some other works are far more detailed, I’m inclined to consider this the best overall argument on the topic I’ve seen in print so far.

I’ll probably finish out some other books before starting another new one.

:mrgreen: you can understand why Gene (the site’s founder) wanted to setup a site dedicated to continuing the discussion Robin began in his excellent book.

From what I read about & of Winchester in “All Shall Be Well”, your observation doesn’t surprise me. My only concern is, how readable is the 1819 English?

:laughing: I know that feeling.

The edition is 1819 (a fourth edition printing with a few updates to the dialogues and a preface with quotes from readers and some autobiography on how Winchester became a universalist). The original was 1788.

It’s as readable as, say, the American Constitution drafted at about the same time of its composition. He doesn’t use f for s, but does follow the habit (derived from German which the base of English originally came from) of capitalizing some nouns for emphasis that we wouldn’t bother to; all-capping some important nouns for even more emphasis; and italicizing some names (mostly but not always having to do with deity).

Here are the first two paragraphs of the preface for example:

If any are interested, here’s a link to an online version of The Universal Restoration by Winchester:

I started reading this book about a year ago, but didn’t get far because the edition I was reading from was very poor quality. This one is much better.


Wow I have only read the Preface so far, and it is without a doubt one of the most well-articulated and fascinating Prefaces I have ever come across (and its a flipping preface!) This man knows the Scriptures so well. I’m thinking this books needs a serious re-print and distribution. Who knows the good that this book may do for people today?