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What books are our members reading? Post updates freely! {g}


Yes. They are in there see chapter 7.:smiley:

see Chapter 7
• Historical Support of the Early Church 43
• Clement of Alexandria 43
• Origen 43
• Gregory of Nyssa 43
• Athanasius (A.D. 296 – 373) 43
• Didymus the Blind (A.D. 309 – 395) 43
• Gregory of Nazianzen (A.D. 330 – ca 391) 43
• Theodore of Mopsuetia (A.D. 359 – ca 429) 43
• Marcellus of Ancyra (A.D. 315 – ca 374) 43
• Titus of Bostra (A.D. 338 – 378) 43
• Ambrose of Milan (A.D. 340 – 398) 43
• Serapion (d. c A.D. 362) 43
• Marius Victorinus (born ca A.D. 300) 43
• John Cassian (A.D. 390 - 440) 43
Theodoret, the Blessed (A.D. 387 - 458) 43
Evagrius Ponticus (A.D. 345 - 390) 43
Cyril of Alexandria (A.D. 412) 43
Diodore, Bishop of Tarsus (d. about A.D. 392) 43
Peter Chrysolugus (A.D. 406 – 450) 43
Maximus, the Confessor (A.D. 580 – 662) 43


The tile is more of a defense into the type of Universalism, not a overview of History of the Early Church. Sorry if my last comment may have been confusing.


I know, I meant the book as a whole, not 14 pages (from 193 to 207).


The title refers to the type of universalism. Not an overview of church history.


I will add that as a whole the Author covers more than 14 pages of the Patristic Fathers.

But, if you are looking for a book that main focus is only on the ’ Patristic Fathers’ I would suggest (if you haven’t already read), a book by Steven Harmon, " Every Knee should bow, Biblical Rationales for Universalism in Early Christian Thought".


That’s true, I have that book in my queue already. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to post my reading list:

Topics include Universalism, the Atonement, Evolution, Epistemology and Scripture

Caleb’s a pseudonym, btw, hence the different name on the list.


Hi, may I ask which book you are referring to?


I think he’s referring to “The Crucifixion of the Warrior God,” and I don’t think it has been released yet. I found this post which discusses it: … god/#_ftn1





(From past experience there’s a pretty good chance I’ll disagree strongly with some of GB’s analyses… well, after all he’s an anni and I’m not, so logically we’d have to disagree pretty strongly somewhere anyway… But that doesn’t stop me from being a gushy fanboi. :laughing: )


I am presently reading George MacDonald’s Novel “Donal Grant”.


Gnomes, by Wil Huygen et al

On Certainty, by L.Wittgenstein tr by G.E.M Anscombe

Evil in Modern Thought, by Susan Neiman

There’s always a John Sanford novel around, I keep re-reading them.


Making Money by Terry Pratchett. :wink:


The Restitution of All Things by Andrew Jukes


I’m just short of 500 pages into Dr. Ramelli’s new book on patristic universalism; on schedule to finish on Halloween.

When I can’t drag a huge hardback book around with me, I’m nibbling at Thomas Allin’s 1890 Christ Triumphant – I’m not quite yet at his extensive patristic quotation list, which was the main reason I picked it up, but the preceding material is pretty good.

#176 … the+gospel

Almost finished this short book on a Christus Victor view of the atonement. It was my own journey towards this view that opened the door to EU. Very good book on the subject.


I just finished “And God Said ‘Billy!’” by Frank Schaeffer. It’s a great novel about a character who is stuck in cultish thinking and is redeemed by the end of the story.

Now I am reading “The Birth of Satan” by T.J. Wray and Gregory Mobley. At some point, I’m planning on starting “Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views”, as further study on this subject.

I’m also in the middle of “Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer - I’m in a study group that’s going through that book.


Sporadically reading Feet of Clay by Sir Terry Pratchett. Got interrupted with a boat load of captive bred invertebrate young as well as adults, so have been sorting them out. Also, the 3DS is a distraction :blush:

Got a book called Without Borders that a friend of mine wrote that i need to start as well:


I’m 2/3 of the way through The Good God - Enjoying father Son and Spirit by Michael Reeves … 1842277448

Here are a couple of reviews on it:

I agree with both of them.



I don’t have much time to read anymore, but I finish a book or two a week on audiotape while commuting to school and doing my drawing homework. (Nerd have to get their fix somehow! :laughing: ) I’m currently listening to* Emma* and Dubliners, and I’m reading (or attempting to read, anyway) Holy Silence, an interesting book about modern-day Quaker spirituality.