What do you Universalists make of this refution video ?


The following is a link to a video claiming Universalism to be a heresy.



And this other one claiming to refute post morterm repentance.



So no ones gonna answer any of my questions ?


Perhaps - have you done a search on this site, using terms that are in your questions? I would be very surprised if they haven’t been discussed more than once, and you might find the answers there.

Still, I’m pretty sure that someone who has some time will get here and help you out.

Good luck in your quest.


If you read the second edition of 4 views on hell you will see that universalism of Robin Parry isn’t heresy because of his exegetical case. Of course this holds only in the protestant world.


I suggest to read the article at Those Who Have Never Heard: A Survey of the Major Positions. Universalism is one of the major positions covered. And 2 others, deal with variations - of postmortem evangelism or opportunities before death. :smiley:

Just a footnote here. These YouTube videos you mentioned, have gotten very few views. Perhaps about a hundred? And they give no author bio. 2 big red flags - in my book. And the speaker, is as “dry as dust”.

Heresy? I would ask 2 questions:

When was it declared a heresy?
And by whom?

If you read the article… you’ll discover each position, had some notable proponents - and a long, historical context.

I just shared the videos, with one of my zombie friends. Here’s what he had to say. :wink:


He’s wrong. See:

Does Hebrews 9:27 refute universalism?

Luke 16:19-31 rich man in “hell”

Matthew 25:46

my interpretation of Matthew 25:31-46


He mentions a number of Bible verses, including some that are deceptively mistranslated according to pro ECT tradition Bible versions, and quotes some Early Church Fathers. He doesn’t give any indication that he’s aware of how universalists refute his arguments. He doesn’t address Bible passages in support of universalism or quote the Early Church Fathers who advocated that position. Every Scripture reference he speaks of has been addressed on this site.


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