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What is our hope for Eternity?

Paidon, how do you explain where God was before the universe was created? Can there be time where there is no universe?

Also, what of Scriptures that speak of “before the eons” & “before times eonian” and

Young’s Literal Translation
For thus said the high and exalted One, Inhabiting eternity…(Isa.57:15a)

God begat His Son as His first act, and then created the universe through His Son. That marked the beginning of time. There was no “before” the beginning of time. So you might ask, “if there was no ‘before’ time” how could God beget His Son as His first act? That is indeed difficult if not possible for us to understand. But it is even more difficult to make sense of the idea of all times existing at the same time.

Why the heck does that scare you?

qaz has already explained why. He is afraid of everlasting boredom.

I think that qaz is wrestling with some ideas. To say that he/she is afraid of everlasting boredom may be a bit convoluted.

qaz is a vibrant being, And I think qaz will be totally, realizing what God wants from qaz and that is good.

I find it hard to grasp the ideas that:

  1. God & time go back in the past endlessly.
  2. That time had a beginning.
  3. That the universe is expanding. Expanding into what?
  4. That God is outside of time.

Paidion, you are up there in years, I think when we used to be able to see your info, you were at late seventies maybe early eighties?

I want to ask, have you ever been bored with the life you have been given?

I ask as our back and forth kind of touched on that subject. I have a good friend Don and a few of us try to meet every week. Don is 91. Love the guy. His wife was stricken with Alzheimer’s and passed away last year. Don is not necessarily bored with life, but is getting tired. These things, the thoughts the emotions of what we go through as we age, are very important, and to somehow be able to pass them down to other younger folks would be good. Not sure how that would be done though. But I do think it is within the scope of this thread.

Just an idea. Thanks Don

I completed 80 years of living in February.

NEVER. And because I have never been bored, I have difficulty in understanding the experience some people have who claim to be bored.

You do not have to answer these questions obviously, but if there were five things you could pass on to a younger person, if they had your confidence, what would they be?


I read in the book “Everything you wanted to know about Heaven” by Peter Kreeft, is that Eternity is wholeness, while time is a mere part. I cannot help but think that Time is nothing more than a product of the mind. I think Krishnamurti demonstrated that mind and time are two ends of the same coin. Frankly, I agree, as the more I noticed that the more stuck I get in the mind, the more difficulty I have in being in the eternal now. I find that the more present, the more connected we are to the eternal, which is not achieved through knowledge.

Insightful article on Heaven and the New Testament by N. T. Wright

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So Tom says "God will put the whole world right, this worldview says, and in “justification” he puts people right, by the gospel, to be part of his putting-right project for the world. Christian mission includes bringing real advance signs of new creation into the present world: in healing, in justice, in beauty, in celebrating the new creation and lamenting the continuing pain of the old.

The scriptures always promised that when the life of heaven came to earth through the work of Israel’s Messiah, the weak and the vulnerable would receive special care and protection, and the desert would blossom like the rose. Care for the poor and the planet then becomes central, not peripheral, for those who intend to live in faith and hope, by the Spirit, between the resurrection of Jesus and the coming renewal of all things.

Kind of sounds like Mr. N.T. Has a grasp on the idea that God is working and has done what HE set out to do.