"You must do nothing to come to Jesus" vs "This is what you must do now"


AG, There’s still a chance.:wink:

Bob, Exactly. I’m in complete agreement.

True, and this why we must test every spirit, including words of the Bible. I’d say this is where debate comes into play.

From what I understand, the New Testament writers are claiming that the Lev. law is bogus; that it is not what the fathers Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses the prophets etc. etc. were teaching. Although it does state the essence of the Divine Law, there were many things added to it that are contrary to God, including the worship of pagan gods.

This may be because what they claim to be Moses’ testimony is not really his testimony. Not much is said about Abraham either.


I forgot what the conclusion is…between the LLC and Bob dialogue…if I remember correctly, it’s that the zombies of Z-Hell ( 1, 2, 3)…will be responsible, for most of the problems…I guess I’m pretty good, at taking notes! :wink:


So how are these first world nations escaping said gun violence?

First of all, we are not a first world nation as you want to define it… We are not the EU!.. Second is that most all of the citizens of these nations (EU) do not have the rights and liberties of those of us in the United States of America. AND THAT IS A BIG POINT. Third is that most leftist’s will never understand the original founding father’s understanding of the second amendment.

So, my friend, tally aho…