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5 Tips for Daily Prayer


In 5 Tips for Daily Prayer, it gives five tips for daily prayer:

Pray on your knees
Create a special space
Pray with others

This is the Reader’s Digest version. More info is found in the original article.


That’s cool! I pray when I’m walking to my classes. I also pray holistically. I get a Word from the Father and then pronounce it upon whatever or whoever I see. However, if I’m going hard-core prayer (intercession) then I do it in my room while getting excited in the Spirit. I ask Abba some questions about why things happen the way they did. Then I get into an argument. Then emotional. Then I get existential. Then I give up. Then the peace of God descends upon me. Then I worship Jesus. Then I get really excited and start jabbering off at that point. Then I start thinking about people who need intercession and start praying over them. Then if I’m still in the spiritual high I start to sing and jump up and down. Then I get tired and lay down. Then I let my mind wander. Then I start to get a sinking feeling. Then I fall asleep. If God wills it, I dream and visualize things. After I wake up, I get hermeneutical and start “seeing” or perceiving meaning for the images I saw. Then I start to see a bigger picture formed and how God wants to bring the Kingdom to earth through me and the Church. He gives me identity in Jesus and I pursue it through action in whatever way God calls me. Sometimes prayer, talking to others, rarely I might give an offering (I don’t make any money that’s why), volunteer for something whether through the church or some service organization, study the Bible and God’s laws, or I might just go do my homework.

But yeah, the article is cool. I really like the idea of creating a special space. I might be wrong but I think the term is a “prayer closet.” For me, there’s nothing greater than listening and talking to God. Anyone feel me?

What ways do you like to pray, Randy?


Great find Randy. Thanks for sharing.


If it’s not in a church setting or gathering of friends, I like to pray in the silence, as the holy spirit guides me.


Thanks for posting these tips and article link Randy and thank you for sharing your insightful reply Nick. I’m finding this very helpful this evening.