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A couple of centuries

From ‘A Century on The Holy Name’ by Monk Silouan


When God’s saving Name is hallowed here in the heart, God’s saving Grace embraces everyone and everything in his boundless love.

St. Silouan reminds the monk that his work is prayer for all as for oneself. He seeks to pray for all in the spirit of love, love of neighbour as oneself. For St. Silouan, love of enemies is the incommensurate measure of all things. Prayer of the Name, inspired by such love, hallows all. Prayer that the Kingdom come, informed by this love, frees all to be free. Name-hallowing prayer mothers prophecy of prayer and love of enemies. The treasure of the Hesychast legacy, kneaded into the heart, sing their song in the Holy of Holies, overheard in the stillness here on the hill.


“Let my soul rejoice in 'EHYEH, ‘I AM.’ For he has clothed me with the robe of salvation and the garment of joy. He has put a mitre on me as on a bridegroom, and adorned me with ornaments as a bride.”

Grace poured out, vesting us in the Name, girds us with strength, clothes us in joy. At once both bridegroom and bride, mitred and ornamented, the mysteries of sacred androgyny, conjunction of contraries and spiritual marriage unfold in the Holy of Holies.

The Heart is God’s temple. God is in the midst. We turn. We see. We are made one. The Bridal Chamber is open. He is ours. We are His.