A Curious Key to a Historical Jesus (article series)


I’m on hiatus from the EU forum this week, partly in order to catch up at ‘work’ work (after being out a lot sick); but also partly in order to post up a 9-part series of articles at the Christian Cadre webjournal (the first of which can be found at this link) on analyzing what half of a small story unique to Matthew’s Gospel can lead to, in historical Jesus studies, even when starting from a sceptical and minimalist standpoint.

Meanwhile, Happy Missing Body Week! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Note: that “King of Stories” link in my signature goes to an index page on the Cadre blog, where readers can follow an in-depth harmonization project of the material of all four canonical Gospels, which I wrote for Easter back in 2003. Chapters dealing with events in the week of Palm Sunday are clearly marked, working backward from the end, for those who may be interested in how I resolve and comment on various oddities in the texts.)