The Evangelical Universalist Forum

A Discord Server for Universalists, Annihilationists, etc


Server Link:

If the link does not work, say so in the chat. Sometimes the link needs to be updated every hour or so.

Discord was originally created as a text/voice chat for gamers. Eventually, many theological and political groups from Skype and Google Hangouts migrated to Discord.

Certain “Bots” that were originally only gamer bots, pertain to theology (eg. BibleBot). When you type, for example, “John 3:16,” the BibleBot will quote the verse for you in your preferred translation.

You can also request a certain role (eg. Annihilationist, Evangelical Conditionalist, Universalist, Traditionalist, etc.)


Davo, thanks for joining. I gave you a “Universalist” rank. let me know if you want any other type of role.


Hey Alexander… I’m not up on all this jazz but joined in anyway. Any chance you and change my rank to “Pantelist” — and yes some do find that rather rank :laughing:


Sure, I’ll do that right now. I already got a Traditionalist and Annihilationist to join.


I updated the link


Just some feedback here. You probably need a category for “other”. Technically, there is a difference - between Annihilationism and Conditional Immortality. And one can be a conditional immortality believer, inclusivist, and hopeful universalist - like yours truly (see, for example - Inclusivism and Purgatorial Conditionalism) . Perhaps under “other”, we can include those believing, in the Zombie Apocalypse. Or those promoting Miracle Spring Water. A category of “other”, would settle these issues.

I leave an article, from the Calvinist site - Got Questions:

What is conditional immortality?