A link to the Christian Universalist Association


I was doing some research on another topic, and ran across mention of the Christian Universalist Association.

A quick search of our posts indicates they haven’t been mentioned here before. So…!


One of the more interesting bits of information is that they consider members for ministerial positions.

I’m probably too hyper-doctrinal to be a good fit there–a few of the things they say worry me at least a little, which might be me being overly picky, but again that would tend to indicate I’m not a good fit, hm? :mrgreen: On the other hand, I agree with much of what they say (obviously), and I like how they promote the organization as a way of avoiding a guru-cultlike status.

Anyway, it’s nice to see a serious organizational effort at the ministerial level being made. And other members or visitors here may feel right at home there, and might want to contribute to their efforts. So there’s the link to their official FAQ page!

(Wish we had an official FAQ page… :wink: That’s been on our list of things to get done for a while, btw, in case anyone is wondering.)


That is interesting.

That’s pretty much the conclusion my dad & I came to. Possibly similar to TentMaker in some ways?

I agree.

:laughing: Your request is still on my to do list and now that I’ve moved us to a reliable host, I might get a chance to look at it :sunglasses:

Hope dad doesn’t mind me quoting him :confused:

Disappointedly I didn’t get a response :frowning:


To clarify for people who haven’t been to their site: the CUA is open to dogmatic unitarians, as well as to trinitarians, and doesn’t seem to take sides at the organizational level.

By comparison, the EU forum was created mostly by trinitarians and was intended from the first to be a trinitarian Christian organization; and still has that character at the organizational level, even though our ranks of moderating officials are open to non-trinitarians including people like Jeff who aren’t Christian at all–the point being that they have proven themselves to be people who would be trustworthy as moderators. Also we like having representatives on the moderator team who may act as brakes against the majority of admin/mods. (It happens that we don’t currently have any dogmatic unitarians on the team yet, but that’s a historical accident; we have our eye on several unitarian members of good standing whom we will gladly invite to be moderators if our membership numbers grow to the point we feel like we need some more mods.)

However, they have people from the (so-called) Unitarian Universalist ministers on high-level staff; which is strange considering that they are elsewhere quite dedicated to distinguishing themselves doctrinally from the UUs, or from the typically UU-ish lack of doctrinality perhaps.

This would be less of a concern for me if they didn’t also go pretty far out of their way on a regular basis to decry the concepts of “orthodoxy” and “doctrine”. I might could understand the UU staff being ministers who, within the huge floppy :wink: tent of the UU establishment, were significantly more doctrinal. (That’s possible, right…? I’ve heard some ironic tales from reputable and even sympathetic sources of how dogmatic they can be about totally avoiding doctrine… :wink: ) But then there’s the generally anti-doctrinal stance of the organization. So…

I dunno. I don’t want to rag on them. :confused: I don’t think they and I would be good matches for each other, but other people here might be much more at home with them than I would be.

So I still think it’s a good idea to provide the info for people to check into for themselves. :slight_smile: Especially since they offer an international ministerial organization (small though it may be.)