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A non-helpful suggestion


How about we try this, in an attempt to smooth out communicatiions and avoid smack talk, pot-shots, grandiosity, slurs, insults, slights, slander, aspersions, smears, and allegations?

The KEY - avoid discussing politics or religion!!! Brilliant!!!
We could then focus on…hmmm…uh…CATS!!!

I am showering myself with praise for this YUGE insight. :laughing:


Keep the religious discussions but get rid of those stinking zombie discussions.


Cats? Where do dogs come into the picture? Will dog discussions result in mutual attacks?


Oh, come now James. Zombies are the life of the party. :laughing:

Besides. Since I think the tribulation will occur and bring about the zombie apocalypse, zombies are a religious discussion :wink: .

And my theological ideas, are no more crazier - then some presented on this forum. :laughing:

Also everything I add fits in, with the historical - Russian Orthodox, Holy Fools tradition. :wink:


We can have cats, OR we can have dogs, but not both, I mean, obviously - and none from Canada!! All they have is mooses anyway, and policemen on horseback. :laughing:


[size=150]Right you are, Dave!
Here are a couple of good Canadian pictures. Take your choice. Ride a moose; ride a horse!
Even our ladies do it![/size]


And to pacify James, here is a zombie love song. :smiley:


Don, *are there really *lady Mounties in Canada that ride horses? Not that I think it could not be but just asking…:laughing:


Yes it’s real! But it takes place now in a tradition known as “The Musical Ride.”

Nowadays, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) do their actual police work by travelling in automobiles just as provincial police do.

I notice that all the riders shown ride either mares or geldings. For some reason, none of them rides a stallion in “The Musical Ride.”


So, no Mounties on horses in real everyday life?


I think it still happens, but it’s not nearly as common as it used to be. Check out the following site to see Mounties still carrying out their duties on horseback:


So it’s legal in Canada. But since your government doesn’t trust you with anything more than a slingshot, good luck!! :laughing:


It still happens, just like for the Forest Rangers (and related workers) here in the United States, in designated wilderness areas where motors and even bicycles are typically forbidden (except in a life-or-death emergency). Only horses and pack animals are allowed in, so the Mounties and the Rangers etc. go in the old-fashioned way. :sunglasses:


Around here, the forest “service” folks either walk or ride motorcycles/four-wheelers. That’s assuming they’re among the few who actually go out into the forest more than once or twice a year. I understand though, that there are mounted police in NYC. :laughing:


Ok, I think I’ve found a way to preserve the pristine solution from the OP - and the author, whom I greatly admire agrees - and yet be flexible enough to accomodate the progressive revelations of those who followed. Almost.
Ta, as they say, Da::