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A "Thank you" box?

I am grateful for all the work you guys put in to make this forum such a well-run and informative place.
I do much more reading than posting. Many times I have little to contribute to a thread but really want to just say ‘thanks for that post’.
On other forums, I have seen a ‘thanks’ option next to the ‘reply’ or ‘report’ box. It just produces a small ‘Pilgrim says thanks for that post’ message at the bottom of the relevant post.
It may be that this set-up doesn’t allow for that option but I find it very useful myself.

God bless

Kewl! I like that idea. :smiley:

{Jason clicks the not-yet-existent “thanks” box at the bottom of Pilgrim’s post. :mrgreen: }

I like that idea too! Facebook has me well trained–I’m always looking for the “Like” button! :sunglasses:


Would it risk creating a posting peck order? “Fred’s got 7 gold stars but I’ve only got 2…”

It’s crossed my mind before. Assuming for the moment it’s possible to do (and majority of the team votes for it). The advantages are that it’s quick and easy for someone to show they have read and appreciated something. The disadvantages are people are then less likely to bother commenting, thus decreasing conversation.

I agree there is some potential for it to become a ranking system, however, I think FaceBook shows us, that the number of “likes” is also dependent on the timing (& what else is happening) and who happens to see something. i.e. partially random, rather than a true measure of quality.