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'Acknowledge' button??


Maybe I’m picking up on Facebook habits, but I often find as I’m reading replies to posts I’ve made that I wish there was some kind of button I could press to show the person I’ve read their response: something like the ‘like’ button on facebook. I find myself quoting the reply and then making some comment that really only needed me to ‘like’ what they’d replied. I don’t want folk thinking I don’t appreciate them responding. :wink:


This is the way I do it.

You can use this particular one by right clicking on the image, and then clicking on “copy image location”. Then just post the results.


Well, you can’t just post the results, you’ve got to put it inside an img code, i.e. hit the “Img” button first above the composition window.

And the code itself (or any other similar code) should be copied and pasted somewhere for retrieval.

Personally I have the Wargamer Forum smiley list permanently bookmarked on my browser toolbar, though they have so many smileys it’s hard to find the right one sometimes.

So I’ll right-click copy an image (or an “image location” rather, like Paidion said) from there, and paste it in between some img coding here.

Like that.


Thank you, Jason. I forgot to say “to put it inside an img code.”


Thanks guys, but you’ve lost me… :blush:


A like button would definitely be simpler. :slight_smile:


Exactly. :wink:


Good thoughts Catherine. I tried to raise the issue way back:


A like button would be simpler for sure. Alas, I think it would probably be excessively complex to program into the forum. :frowning: Otherwise someone would have done it by now as pretty much everybody has wished for one. This posting of an image takes longer, but it’s fun to do once in a while.

So . . . just for the record and so Catherine will know how:

  1. Find a smilie you like either at or some other smilie source you might discover.

  2. Left-click on the smilie of choice (if necessary – I’m pretty sure you don’t need to at the Wargamers’ site.) This will take you to the smilie’s special page.

  3. Right-click over the smilie and from the drop-down menu that appears, select “copy image location.”

  4. Go to your reply window and place the cursor at the spot where you want the smilie to live.

  5. Left-click on the “Img” tag at the top (where the bold, italic, underline, etc. stuff is – it’s near the center of the row.)

  6. Your cursor will automatically be positioned between the Img tags that have appeared.

  7. Hold down the CTRL button and press “v” on your keyboard. OR right click on your mouse (or finger pad) and choose “paste.”

That should do it. It should look like this, only the brackets in the code will actually be square, not curly as I’ll be using below.



It would be nice to have a “Like” button & I’ve contemplated trying to implement it before, however unfortunately I don’t have the time/headspace at the moment e.g. I’m feeding baby while typing this :slight_smile:

However, the system the forum runs on, phpBB 3, is going to release a major update soon - hopefully it will contain the feature by default…


Thanks for all you thoughts guys. and thanks Cindy for explaining the smiley thing :smiley: Let’s hope the update will include it. :wink: