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An Immediate Entrance into Glory Upon Death?


I recently finished reading James Relly’s “Epistles: or, A Great Salvation Contemplated” and he answers these three questions in one of his letters to a church:

  1. What is the situation of unbelievers after death?
  2. How are they to be delivered?
  3. When shall they be delivered?

I will share his response later LW (Lord willing).

How would you all answer the question?

BTW, I of the persuasion that ALL post-mortem punishment occurs BEFORE the ressurection. Nevertheless, I am not firm in this belef.

If anybody would like access to Relly’s book, here you go: … 0relly.pdf


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I hope there’s no postmortem punishment. As a preterist, I don’t believe there will be a second coming event and resurrection that takes place on earth. I believe people are resurrected as soon as they die, in heaven.


Thank you Cindy :slight_smile:



For a recent discussion here on this topic, you may find this thread of interest:

ultra universalism

  1. What is the situation of unbelievers after death? They are lost & in need of salvation.
  2. How are they to be delivered? By the grace of God in the Lord Jesus Christ, through HIs blood & the Holy Spirit making them a new creation.
  3. When shall they be delivered? After they are in the lake of fire, if not before, as they receive the Word of Life.

More detailed answers are at the topic mentioned above.

God bless.

  1. What is the situation of unbelievers after death?
  2. How are they to be delivered?
  3. When shall they be delivered?

The situation of unbelievers is the same after death as before, meaning they need salvation. They may be delivered through the Lake of Fire as i think Rev 22.17 is a invite to folks still in the LOF. It is an invitation from the Spirit and the Bride to whosoever may partake from the Water of Life & it’s 5 verses from the end of the bible.


Keep in mind that the Bible shows that there is only one thing that destroys Death and that is Life. I believe the 2nd Death therefore must be the 2nd resurrection where the rest of the dead are raised.