Another video to share


Just received this … pretty good for a first try :slight_smile:


Worst part about that video…is that I heard a remix of a song with some cool lyrics in the video’s audio (the one about burning in the flames of a thousand suns) - not only can I not find the remix of the song, but I’ve discovered that the song is Catalyst by Linkin Park, a band which brings out a very seething jealousy in me, as they are the favourite band of my ex… :imp:

How ironic…A video about Hell that feels like Hell… :laughing:

…though I shall find that remix if I have to tear apart the surface of the Earth and turn it upside down… :ugeek:

Curse you Linkin Park! shakes fists at the Heavens

Good video though.


Who is giving the talk at 6:35?

Good compilation overall :sunglasses: