Any Pastors make the switch from ECT?


Pastored 30 years and preached Gods love truth and power. And now…Im facing an insurmountable inner crisis of theology because I cant get over the pain of thinking how wrong ECT seems.
Is it time to resign my non denom. southern evangelical church and start over under a new theology?


Hi pastor Mark!

First of all, welcome to the Evangelical Universalist forum. Just want to say that all you knew and know has validity, many here have different views but many of the views are well worth considering even if we wrangle about with each other from time to time. ECT is a hard pill to swallow. Good luck and have fun here. The YHWH of the bible can be seen as the God of Grace. :smile:

Love ya bro.



Don’t resign; just announce your new perspective and they will resign you. Or maybe not.


“Any Pastors make the switch from ECT?”

Have you heard of Rob Bell, author of “Love Wins”?

“A staggering number of people have been taught that a select few Christians will spend forever in a peaceful, joyous place called heaven, while the rest of humanity spend forever in torment and punishment in hell with no chance for anything better. It’s been clearly communicated to many that this belief is a central truth of the Christian faith and to reject it is, in essence, to reject Jesus. This is misguided and toxic and ultimately subverts the contagious spread of Jesus’s message of love, peace, forgiveness, and joy that our world desperately needs to hear.”


May God bless you.

You may have heard of the pastor called “Peter Hiett”? I believe that he was in a similar position. If you google him you can find his story.


Well, Mark. I am a fairly new member of this Forum. I have made many friends (I think) here and have often been surprised by the level of bible knowledge they exhibit, the manner in which they provide comments, the genuine love and understanding they show, and much more.

It may be helpful for you to read some of the posts in the category “Introductions”. In it you will find many posts explaining why the poster wanted to join this forum in the first place. As an ex lay-preacher myself, I offered my first post under the title “Introducing Myself”.

I am a member of a very Reformed, very orthodox church. The folk are (mostly) lovely people and have shown tremendous love and care for me during the six years my wife suffered from dementia and who passed into glory last Christmas. I don’t have a single bad word to say about them and have no desire to leave and find another church home.

My pastor doesn’t understand why I have difficulty in continuing to believe some of the teachings of my church, especially since at 78 I am now doubting its doctrines on heaven and hell which have endured for nearly 500 years. I now hold back from discussing my doubts about such doctrines in order not to cause any offence. Years ago, I adopted Romans 14:22 as a text to live by.

I could say much more but will leave it at that. Once again ‘welcome’ and I look forward to learning more about your struggle for truth and how the Lord is leading you.




Thank you sir


No need to call me “sir”, despite my venerability. But interestingly, a couple in my church who recently came from Nigeria, insist on calling me that, despite my protestations.


I got my reply priveledges activated so just wanted to say thank you to everybody. I love the kindness I see in these discussions.


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