Well, it appears some apologies are in order.

(I’m posting this in “discussion negative” because this general category is where it happened, and also because I’ve been a bad example, a counter-argument if you will, for UR)

–To everyone who’s read the ‘Kevin DeYoung on “A doctrine that must be believed”’ thread:
I apologize for derailing it and getting WAAAY off-topic. I was wrong. :frowning:

–To Oxymoron:
I apologize for saying things and acting toward you in a manner which made you feel attacked and put down. That was not my intention, so I’m sorry about that. Please forgive me.


It is not apparent to me Neal. Oxy has repeatedly attempted to usurp God’s position by judging persons state of grace. I thank you for your valuable contributions.
We are supposed to believe in Love and true love cannot stand idly by whilst innocent parties are being exposed to thinly veiled hatred. Indeed, to do so would defame the message of UR.
God bless you and your ministry.


I’m blessed by your heart and intention, Neal. Although I don’t think you have anything to apologize for, you have to go with what you feel God wants you to say.

I think Oxy believes what he writes. I just think his set of core beliefs that define what’s essential (in terms of beliefs) to Christian experience is larger than it needs to be, and then he doesn’t know how to enagage/discuss and converse without pronouncing judgment on others. He cuts his way through people with surgical confidence and then ends it with, “God bless!” Pretty standard. I suppose many of us suffered from the same narrow-mindedness. I know I’ve been there. And having been there I have to admit there’s not a lot you can say to somebody in such a position. You just have to trust that life will teach them.



Tom sums up my thoughts perfectly. :sunglasses:



Ditto to the rest, Neal. I can relate to going off topic, more so than not and never on purpose. Communicating on the internet is difficult since you can’t see body language and tone, etc. I sure have appreciated all your insights on here! Amy


Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the support!

It’s definitely a challenge to communicate completely without misunderstanding on the internet; I just wanted to make it clear that I’m never trying to insult or attack the person/character of anyone on these boards–even people I disagree with! :smiley: