Are Germans the biblical Assyrians?


I have recently discussed with some Christian fellows who are of the opinion that modern day Germans are descendants of the biblical Assyirians … man-people

Do you think this makes any sense? I always thought that the European peoples descend from Japhet, the Germans precisely from Gomer.


If you Google “Are Germans the biblical Assyrians?”, you will find different opinions. Most appear to say no or that not enough evidence is available, to make that determination. Let me quote this from Wiki at Assyria and Germany in Anglo-Israelism:


I was taught that the East Germans and/or Prussians are Assyrians. BTW, there are still to this day people in the middle east who identify themselves as Assyrians - I used to work with one. I once read an article in which an East German stated that “we are the REAL Germans.”


As far as I know the East Germans have to a significant amount Slavic Blood, whereas Southern Germans as I am, have to a certain amount Celtic blood, the next point would be that since the English speaking world ist called Anglo-Saxon they should be related to the German Saxons, I think one could dismiss the notion that the Germanic peoples are Semitic? After all I think the Biblical background of modern races is a very interesting topic.