Are there any groups of Adult Young EU's


While talking with my oldest daughter today, she said something that broke my heart. She said "Now it will be very hard for me to find a boy friend. Where am I supposed to find a nice Evangelical Universalist guy?

Ok, it may sound stupid but, as a dad, I’m asking if there is a way for her to contact a church, house church, or a group of oung adults who hold to our EU belief so she may have the chance to talk/chat in the internet or meet? She plans to go to Georgia, US to study soon.


It can be very isolating to believe like we do, for all of us. Thankfully, some of us have spouses that are very supportive, if not at first. People have different opinions on here about the usefulness of meeting with such like minded people like it’d be better to just stay put and have an influence, but I’m with your daughter that it’d be nice to be able to meet people like ourselves, that it’s different enough that we can tend to be ostracized. I often wish there was a place for me to take my much younger children to learn of EU. My prayers are with your daughter that God sends her a man after his own heart that will be open to the hope she shares. I think he must be able to provide!


Well that’s a good question that all of us with children must now ask.]If she is openly EU on things like FaceBook, then whilst it may turn some “friends” off, it will greatly increase the changes of bumping into an EU man./:m]]We had the similar problem in our church (although not EU) a few years ago, 4-5 times the number of young single men than young single women. Some of them inadvertently came across partners when they went off to bible college, others met Christians on the other side of the world, on blogs and are now happily married./:m]]Robin thinks there’s change in the air, especially in the UK, so it will get easier./:m]]I wouldn’t be surprised if Rob Bell’s church will produce many who are at least sympathetic to EU./:m]]Sites like this, whilst not dating sites, do enable people to build real friendships (which is probably the best way to build a lifetime relationship)./:m]